Wednesday, 16 December 2009

The struggle

Although it's years since you've been gone,
The hole you left is gaping.
The emptiness, the lonliness,
For me, there's no escaping.

At Christmas time, the pain renews,
I miss you oh so much.
Your pretty smile and funny laugh,
Your warm and gentle touch.

My heart is aching through my chest,
My eyes are wet with tears.
My friends say I should pray to God,
But I wonder if He hears.

Why would a loving God so great
Take my only sister away?
It's just not fair, you were so young.
Why couldn't He let you stay?

I'll dry my tears and pretend I'm strong
I'll do what I must do.
But nothing in this lonely world
Can take the place of you.
I love you Joanne with all my heart
And wish you were still here.
Merry Christmas in Heaven babe,
Please let me know you're near.

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Karin said...

Big {Hugs} Dawn. I can't even begin to imagine how hard this time of year is for you. Give your boys some extra hugs this week and know that your sister and dad are always close by sharing in these special times with you.

Rocca said...


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