Monday, 7 December 2009

Online safety...Parenting 101?

Boy Oneder and Middleman both have Facebook accounts. Yeah, I know that anyone under 13 is not supposed to have an account, but I have their passwords (shhh...don't tell them) and I monitor their every move. In fact, I monitor ALL of their online moves. I have their passwords for their email accounts, I have a "Net Nanny" type program on their laptops and know what they are doing all the time. So far, knock on wood, there's been no wrongdoing. They love Farmville and Farmtown and Fishville on Facebook almost as much as I do. I know it's only a matter of time before Boy Oneder figures out that he is, in fact, a boy, and finds inappropriate websites, but we have discussed his online privileges and he knows that one wrong move will take him offline so fast his head would spin.

But clearly, not all parents monitor their children as closely as I do...or not at all. Boy Oneder has over 100 friends on Facebook...most of the non-family or mutual friends, I know from spending alot of time at his school. Most of the kids are really, really good kids. There are a few that I have asked him to not "unfriend" on Facebook, but to "unfriend" in real life too. They are bad news, showing signs of heading down the wrong path, and we all know that hanging with the wrong peeps can, and usually will, get you into trouble as well. He knows what's expected of him and he, so far, has made good decisions (with a little nudging from Hubster and I).

The thing that makes me so sad (and what prompted me to write this post) is that there is a specific girl on his friends list that I have known since she was in grade one that is really heading down the wrong path. She has always been very polite and respectful and I've really enjoyed her company when she has come to Boy Oneder's birthday parties or at school events. She is absolutely STUNNING. I mean BEAUTIFUL. She is developing, physically, and looks alot older than her 13 years. The fact that she wears makeup makes her look even older. She is on my friends list and so is her mother. She has taken to posting extremely revealing and, in my opinion, inappropriate photos of herself on Facebook. These photos show her in very provocative poses, wearing string bikinis and t-shirts and underwear. Almost every photo is bordering on kiddy-p*rn (not typing the full word so as to keep the sickos away from my blog, but you know what I am saying). The comments from the other kids on her friends list are sickening. Boys saying that they'd like to "f*ck her (that's a quote), boys fighting over her in their comments about who would do a better job of it, etc. It is absolutely disgusting.

The worst part of it all? Her Mom is her friend, her Mom must see these comments and her Mom hasn't, at the very least, removed her child's photos from Facebook, and even better, completely deleted her entire FB account. In fact, one of her mother's comments on one of these photos is, "Oh...look at my sexy girl!" What the HECK????? Now, considering that the Mom's profile pic is one of herself and her two daughters (her older daughter is about 16) in string bikinis may speak for itself, but I must admit that I thought she was a better parent than this.

Far be it for me to judge others' parenting skills (or lack thereof) but my GOODNESS, what are you teaching your daughter in allowing this stuff to be all over the internet for the world to see? Privacy settings mean NOTHING on Facebook. Whatever you post on your page is fair game for anyone who has access to your page to save to their computer and use wherever the heck they want to. In today's messed up society, the last thing I would want would be to have my 13 year old daughter's photo in the hands of some freak in a basement doing who knows what while he oggles at her photo!

Please people...PLEASE monitor your children's behaviour online. PLEASE guide them. PLEASE teach them self-respect and dignity. Teach them to be proud of themselves and to present themselves in an appropriate manner. Teach them safety. Teach them so that they will be oustanding adults. Pin It

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Rocca's said...

Good post,that's so sad, my girls are on f.b. too and I have their passwords and I do monitor as best as I can, I'm not on all the time, but ZIA you are and you are their friend, so if you see anything that is inappropriate please let myself, the girls are the queen of f.b.....thanks!

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