Friday, 4 December 2009


I just finished my most excellent lunch from Druxi's...roast beef on an onion bun, small Greek salad and a bag of Miss Vicki's Sea Salt and Vinegar Chips. Ah yes...that hit the spot.

But that is not the best part of this post! You see my dear readers, I am coming at you from my company's Mississauga office today. I have gotten SO much accomplished this morning that I think I need to take next week off! (I'm kidding Shelley!) (She's my boss). Being able to work in silence, uninterrupted is BLISS. Bliss I tell you!

Today is a PA Day, aka teachers' slackorama day...yeah had to write report cards...I feel your excruitating pain and TOTALLY understand your need for a full day off. 'Ev.

So since all of the boys are at home, I can only imagine the yelling, fighting and interruptions that would be my day today, so I started work at 5:54 am...yep, 5:54 AM. I got some stuff done and then at about 7:15, I decided to have a shower and head over here. What a great decision!!!

I love having a productive day!!! Pin It

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Kate said...

I used to work near Druxi's. YUMMEH.

Don't get me started on teachers today. Sam forgot something in his desk and we went right back for him to get it, and his teacher was gone and the classroom was locked. At 3:31!!!! They only got out at 3:15. I couldn't believe it.

Not like the good old days when kids could stay after school for help.

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