Monday, 2 November 2009

SO much to post, SO little time...

Friday night, Hubster, MIL, the boys and I attended a benefit concert at my Mom's church for a little girl with cancer. She is 12 and the cancer is a rare form...the doctors are having a hard time treating her. My Mom organized this concert all by herself, and so far, has raised over $3,000.00 for the little girl's trust fund.

The concert was amazing. The church choir sang a couple of songs and then a group called, "General Store" sang a 20minute set. They were REALLY good. We were toe tapping and knee slapping for the whole set. Threepeat was dancing and loved to clap at the end of each song! My favourite song was "Kneel Down and Pray Up" It was VERY uplifting!!

Next, my brother-in-law and his brother, Gord and cousin Darren ("Digger"), who form a band called "Narrow Road" played a 20 minute set. They brought a phenomenal fiddle player, bass guitar player and pianist. They truly shook the church with their amazing songs. Narrow Road is truly awesome. They are like a male version of the Dixie Chicks and are really THAT good. I wish they would go mainstream because they would really kick butt...honestly. Listen to some of their songs on their website, and you will see for yourself.

After Narrow Road's set, General Store played another 20 minutes and then Narrow Road closed off the concert with another 20 minute set. Although I loved EVERY song, if I had to choose my top three for Narrow Road, they would be "Point of Light", "Victory in Jesus" and "More Like You". Fantastic gospel band that is SO not appreciated by enough people.

After the concert, Mom and her friends from church prepared refreshments in the Great Hall. Wes, the minister was there the whole time (I watched him toe tapping and knee slapping like the rest of us! LOL) and it wasa pleasure to speak with him again. My Mom is truly blessed with her church community...they are amazing people.

Saturday, being Halloween, was a busy one. It started with hockey practice for Boy Oneder and Hubster at 8:30 and soccer practice for Middleman at 10:00. MIL stayed home with Threepeat while hubster and I did the sports thing. After Middleman's practice, I told him to get ready for his 1:00 birthday party and was advised that, "Oh...I forgot to tell's cancelled. Sierra's Mom is in the hospital with Swine Flu." For the love of's rampant in our subdivision right now and I am on my knees in prayer that it skips over our house.

After a fantabulous supper (penna alla vodka) that I cooked, because I rock in the kitchen, we got ready for trick or treating. Boy Oneder decided to go out with his friends...he's old enough that trick or treating with his little brothers and his mom are uncool...I get he headed out with his friends, cell phone in pocket. He had some hideous mask and that was the extent of his costume. Middleman was a green skeleton and chose to come with Threepeat, Grandma and I and all the neighbs. Threepeat dressed as a chicken, but his spiderman costume was underneath and NO ONE could tell him he was a chicken. He was SPIDERMAN and he made it abdundantly clear when someone commented on his chicken suit. "I AM SPIDERMAN...NO CHICKEN!!!"

I will post photos once I have the time and the energy to upload them.

Boy Oneder made me extremely proud when he headed back home a little early with three of his friends. Apparently, several other friends were setting off cherry bombs and vandalizing the park, so the four of them came home. I told them all that they madea very smart decision and made them a cup of hot chocolate. They stayed long enough to watch the end of the second period of the Maple Leafs game and then headed out again, warm and fuzzy...yep...Mother of the Year lives right here.

Sunday was once again started with hockey. Boy Oneder and I headed out to his 9:20 houseleague hockey game, whilst Hubster, MIL, Middleman and Threepeat prepared for Middleman's 11:00 hockey game at a different arena. Boy Oneder lost 3-0 and then we headed over to Middleman's game. He won 5-0, Middleman scoring 2 goals and getting 2 assists!! WOOT! WOOT! After the game, we headed back home to grab a few things and then we were off to Costco for some badly needed supplies and then to Grandma's for a family lunch/dinner ("linner" - LOL) The linner was in honour of Hubster's 43rd birthday.

Mark and the girlies came and I was THRILLED that Mark's girlfriend, Patricia and her lovely children, Alex, Ashley and Ben came too!! Patricia is SUCH a lovely person, both inside and out and I am so glad that she is in Mark's (and my) life. Her children are truly wonderful, so respectful and SO cute. We had such a good comfortable and easy...considering that Mark is my late sister's husband, many people would find it tense and difficult. I found it natural and perfect. I can't wait to spend more time with them (and go shopping with Patricia!! HEHEHE!)

PHEW. If you got this far, God bless you! I think this is one of my longest posts EVER!

Great weekend, great times, great blessings. Pin It


Karin said...

Busy, Busy, Busy!
Yes - I read the whole thing. I tried to check out the Narrow Road link too (I love gospel music) but the link is not working - or maybe the site is down right now. Anywho - can't wait to see pictures of Spiderman dressed like a chicken! Have a good week!

4 vs 1 said...

Ooops! My fault Karin...the link was wrong. I have fixed it now.

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