Monday, 16 November 2009


Tonight, Tina, my neighbour, called me to say that she had heard that Middleman's fever was back. She begged me to take him to the walk-in. I am 100% ANTI-walk-in. But, she begged. So I went.

The doctor, who it turns out is the CHIEF of Pediatrics at one of the local hospitals, suspects pneumonia. He ordered a chest x-ray, which he recommended we put off until tomorrow to avoid the ER; Biaxin, an antibiotic; Tamiflu; and Ventolin, a puffer.


I gave him his Biaxin and his Ventolin, but I am holding off on the Tamiflu becauseof my extensive Research (aka googling) of how Tamiflu works. I can`t find any evidence that it works after the 48 hour mark. I think we are on hour 12,337, but who's counting. Anyway, we have an appointment with my doctor tomorrow, so I will get his opinion before drugging my boy up even further. Bless his heart.

He is SO, SO, SOOOOO sick. In fact, I have never seen ANY of my boys this sick before. Tired doesn't even TOUCH what he is suffering. He sleeps like 20 of every 24 hours. H1N1 clearly sucks.

Please, if you are the praying type, pray for my boy tonight? He could use all the help he can get.

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Proud Parents of Halainah Grace said...

I am so sorry that Nick has been so sick. I will most certainly say some prayers tonight for healing and a quick recovery. This must be so hard for you. I'm sending you a hug :)

mapsgirl said...

Please please please make sure that he takes the Biaxin with food. My husband is a big guy and when we was on biaxin and took it without food the side effects were worse than the effects of the bronchitis that he had.

I can't imagine what biaxin could do to Nicholas' little tummy.

And no matter what your goggle results say, i don't think it would hurt him to take the tamiflu. What if it actually did some good? You won't know unless he takes it.

Karin said...

Nolan's best buddy just returned to school after a bout with H1N1 and his mom said the same thing....he slept for HOURS, took long naps in the middle of the day which was so unlike him.

Hope Nick is healthy again very soon. He's in our prayers.

Julie said...

Dawn - I know how much this must be worrying you. I am keeping Nicholas in my thoughts. Hope he feels better soon.

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