Sunday, 8 November 2009

Pig Flu...sigh

Middleman has the flu. From all accounts, it is H1N1 because apparently, November is too early for the seasonal flu. The only way to tell for sure is a blood test, but my gut says if it looks like a pig, it's a pig. BIG sigh.

His symptoms started yesterday morning. It was 6:45 and he was getting dressed for hockey in front of the fire. He said his throat was hurting, but he wanted to go to practice. I don't know what possessed me, but for whatever reason, I checked his temperature with our ear thermometer...99.5. Considering he was in front of the fire, I figured he had no fever and we left.

While we were in the Tim Hortons drive thru, Middleman said he was starting to feel a bit worse. I told him that I thought we should go was just a practice. He, surprisingly, agreed and we headed back home. He went back to bed.

When he woke up at about 9:30, his temperature was 101. Gave him Tylenol. He was now complaining of a sore throat, sore chest, cough, sore shoulders and he said, "Mom, I have NO energy." I gave him some orange juice and he stayed in bed...all day.

By the end of the day, his temperature was 103.5. Kept giving him Motrin/Tylenol,which lowered his fever a degree or two. Had a banana at some point and no other food. Gave him more orange juice and water thoughout the day.

Had a rough night...coughing and aches were pretty bad. Continued Tylenol and Motrin and water, along with a cold washcloth for his head.

He spent the whole day in bed today with nothing but a banana to eat and water to drink...oh and two freezies.

He's very very tired and achy...and, thanks to the media hype, terrified that he is going to die from H1N1.

Tonight, at 5:35, I went upstairs to deliver his dinner order of white rice and soya sauce. He eas sound asleep...and VERY hot. A check of his temperature showed 104.7. HOLY CRAP! Dosed him with Tylenol and smoothed his face and head with cool washcloth, gave him fresh iced water to drink and took his blanket off. An hour later, he was still above 102. I left a message with Telehealth Ontario, the taxpayers biggest waste of money ever. I left the message at 6:00...they called back at 8:45. Gee thanks. What's the point of having a medical advice line if there are not enough people to deal with the calls? COMPLETE JOKE.

The reason I called Telehealth was not really because of the fever, but because I wanted to know more about anti-viral drug that reduces the length and severity of flu symptoms. The window of opportunity is small for Tamiflu as it has to be adminstered within a maximum of 48 hours of the first symptoms. Tomorrow morning will be too we decided, at 6:30, to leave for Georgetown Hospital...a 40 minute drive, but almost guaranteed to be less busy than our local hospital that is overcrowded on the best of days.

Georgetown was PACKED. At LEAST 30 people, all wearing masks, some of which looked to be on death's door, sitting in a 20x20 room. YUCK. I turned around and walked out.

We decided to drive to Orangeville...40 minutes from Georgetown and about the same distance from home. It was *almost* as bad. Hubster stayed in the car (wimp) while Middleman and I donned masks and entered the germ-infested hospital. We met the girl who was Joanne's dearest friend, Michele...she is an ER nurse there. The wait was about 2-3 hours...crap.

We waited for 10 minutes, but being around all these horribly sick looking people freaked me out, even with my mask on. So I asked the other nurse (Michele had gone on break) what her thoughts were...she basically agreed with me that since I was there for Tamiflu and not because Middleman was having difficulties that required ER attention (please God it stays that way) that sitting in the waiting room for 2-3 hours was not the right choice.

We headed home. We arrived at 9:30. I gave him Motrin and checked his temp...101.8...better than 104.7, but still not great. He ate a banana and is in bed up there now.


My poor little man.

My biggest fear now is that Boiy Oneder and Threepeat will get it, but ESPECIALLY Threepeat. I can't imagine how terrified I will be if he gets it with his febrile seizure and dehydration history.

Please say a little prayer for all of us? I'm really scared. Pin It


Kate said...

I agree - Telehealth is a big waste of taxpayers money. I called it once beause Jordan was having difficulty and I just kept getting put on hold over and over. We ended up having to call an ambulance. 2 1/2 hours and $45 I'll never get back.
Hope Nicholas is feeling better today. These are scary times.

Limey Girl said...

I hope Nick is feeling better this morning and that the rest of you don't get it too. xo

kia (good enough mama) said...

Ach! I hope he's doing better by now!

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