Monday, 23 November 2009

Pig Flu...Part Two.

Threepeat is oinking.

OK, he's not oinking, but he has the swine flu. Sigh.

He woke up this morning at about 7:30 with a low grade fever (99.8) and a nasty cough. Imade a mental note to recheck his temperature a bit later and we went about our morning routine. I checked his temp again at 8:30 and it was 101.8. Time to treat it. Now normally, with Boy Oneder and Middleman, my treatable fever mark is 102.5, but because Threepeat had a febrile seizure last year, I treat him at 101'ish. I also called the doctor, knowing we needed Tamiflu. He seemed ok, playing all morning and he ate a nice big lunch, maintaining a low grade fever (100'ish).

He went down a little early for his nap, which was good, because our appointment with Dr.L was at 3:00. He woke up at 2:00 and was BURNING...103.7. He vomitted and at 2:30, we gave him a dose of Motrin. Off to the doctor, towel and bag in the car.

Dr. L checked him out and said that although his lungs were "a bit raspy", he was not concerned enough to prescribe antiobitics...but he DID prescribe Tamiflu. We headed home and after a call with my manager, I went off to fill the prescription.

The pharmacist advised me that Tamiflu tastes AWFUL. It comes in capsule form and we have to put the powder into something very sweet, like chocolate syrup or honey. Yeah right. I ran into Metro to pick up a few things while I waited for the prescription and picked up some ice cream, pudding and a Nesquik chocolate milkshake. I chose the milkshake on a spoon. He took the first teaspoon, with no Tamiflu, quite well and then was excited about teaspoon number two...little did he know, it had that awful powder mixed in...he knew just looking at it that it was different, but being the champ that he is, he opened wide. LOL. His face looked like he was about to hurl, but he didn't...thank God.

He then ate a big dinner of penne and drank some more chocolate milkshake. He played ministicks with Boy Oneder for a bit and then out of nowhere, puked. It was about half an hour after his Tamiflu dose. Crap. I called the pharmacist and she said not to re-dose him. I checked his temp...102. Crap. I gave him an acetaminaphin I hate violating him that way...but his temp is now about 100. He's due for another dose at 10:45...poor dude. He has thrown up about three times and now, there is nothing but green bile. He has eaten 4 freezies and a very small bowl of fishies and seems ok right now. I just have to keep him hydrated and medicated for fever.

It's going to be a LOOOOONG night.

Please say a prayer for my baby bear tonight? Pin It


mapsgirl said...

Poor little guy. How's he doing today?

Our prescription for Tamilflu came premixed (already liquid) but L did say that it tasted awful and was really happy when she was told she didn't have to take that one any more.

Hopefully the Tamiflu does it's job quickly and he's back to normal soon.

kia (good enough mama) said...

Ohmigosh Dawn. Sounds like home. Only we just dissolved Little Man's Tamiflu in his apple juice and he didn't seem to notice. Weird, 'cause he's usually SO sensitive to taste. I wonder if his tastebuds are numb? ;) Anyway, LM is still stuffed up and coughing. I "probably" have H1N1 now too, but I'm too late for the Tamiflu apparently. Who knew?

How's your little guy doing today? Are you getting the meds into him?

4 vs 1 said...

Hey Kia....he`s not good. Won`t take his meds (Motrin) but I did trick him with mixing his Tamiflu in Coke tonight. Yeah, yeah...bad mother.

Ijust have to figure out how to get motrin into him. We have an appt tomorrow for a follow up...praying no pneumonia, but he`s breathing pretty quick tonight...not sure if it`s because of the fever or something more sinister. Sigh...mommyhood is so hard sometimes.

Brianne said...

Oh no! I hope he is feeling better in time for Turkey day. I have 2 sick kids and don't know if we will be making it our Thanksgiving celebrations.

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