Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Keyword Analysis

So, I thought it would be fun to go through my keyword analysis again, however, this time, I took out all the phrases that I found disturbing. It occurred to me that by typing those words out here, it would draw more sickos to the blog when they did a keyword search, so here's the funny, but clean list:

7 4.29% boy-oh-boy
4 2.45% boy oh boy oh boy
4 2.45% middle child syndrome
4 2.45% boy oh boy
3 1.84% boy oh boi
3 1.84% threepeat boy-oh-boy
3 1.84% kayleigh anne freeman
1.23% Kayleigh Ann Freeman
2 1.23% boy oh boi blog
2 1.23% make boyfriend blow nose - LMAO!!!
2 1.23% boy blog
2 1.23% boyohboy blog
1 0.61% boy oh boi net
1 0.61% declutter
1 0.61% oh boy take me out - to the ballgame?
1 0.61% boy oh boys
1 0.61%
1 0.61%
1 0.61%
1 0.61%
1 0.61%
1 0.61% how to stop middle child syndrom - if you figure it out, let me know!!
1 0.61% blogspot boy oh boy
1 0.61% got over cold and no runny nose has returned - oh dear - get well soon!
1 0.61% boys blogs
1 0.61% boyoh boi
1 0.61% poses of Bichon Frise for +computer wallpaper - My Rosie should be a model!
1 0.61% boys oh boys
1 0.61% can i still my girl back even no she kiss me and a other - oh boy - love triangle? 1 0.61% boyohboyohboy
1 0.61%
1 0.61% www.menvs - men vs boys...boys would win ;o)
1 0.61% h1n1 flu francesco boy hockey player
1 0.61% evan frustaglio's birthday - Hugs Evan...RIP :o(
1 0.61% my son has runny nose should he get vaccinated - Dr. Dawn says NO!
1 0.61% boy oh boy blogspot
1 0.61% teenaged boy blowing his nose - eww. Who would want to see THAT?
1 0.61% how middle child syndrome affects adulthood
1 0.61% 12 year old with Baby Huey Syndrome - LOL! I googled this, but found nothing. What the HECK is baby Huey syndrome???
1 0.61% boys blogs
1 0.61% boyohboy
1 0.61% how did Kayleigh Anne Freeman die? - She was a micro-preemie baby who fought, but eventually lost. She was just too little to survive
1 0.61% does my boyfriend have h1n1? - I sure hope not! Pin It


Karin said...

This is funny - I actually enjoy it much better without all the disturbing keywords as well (although I know it's reality). It makes me sick to think of all the wierdos doing searches like that. Without it - it's much funnier.

Lots of things about a runny nose this time! LOL

Oh and Baby Huey syndrome is when someone still acts like a baby or wants to be treated like a baby way past the age where most think it's appropriate.... I could say more but just think of the people who would stumble onto your blog if we started that kind of discussion! LOL

Ekat said...

I was told that Baby Huey syndrome was when someone was scared of there own strength. Usually a large person and perhaps not very bright who had been been taught all there life to be careful not to hurt anyone to the point that they become unable to even defend themselves.

Baby Huey was a cartoon character of a VERY large baby duck that could pick up trucks, etc. Because he was a baby he was not very smart and wore a diaper and did not know his own strength.

A Huey is also the nick name for a HU-1, Helicopter used by the military as a MEDEVAC starting in the 1960's. It can carry far more weight than you would think and they are still being used by the DEA today as transport helicopters.

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