Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Isn't this the sweetest thing???

Each day, for the past week and a half, Boy Oneder has been going to Middleman's classroom to check for homework. So far, his teacher has been really good and has sent limited amounts home, knowing how sick he has been.

This is what Boy Oneder brought home from school today:

We promptly sat down and Middleman made this, to send back tomorrow:

Middleman is feeling MUCH better today...and has been fever free all day. His eyes are sparkling again and his skin is now turning pink from the chaulky white that has plagued him for almost two weeks. Thank God. The Biaxin and Ventolin are doing their job!!! Thank you for the phone calls, Facebook messages, comments, emails and especially, your guys are so awesome!! Pin It


Karin said...

What a thoughtful teacher and classroom! I'm glad to hear that Nicholas is starting to perk back up a bit! I hope the worst is over and that everyone else in the family stays healthy this year!

Rocca's said...

You're welcome, that's what family & friends are for. And for Nicholas, glad you are feeling a better, it was nice chatting with on facebook last night. ciao

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