Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Feeling a bit better, but not much...

I took Middleman to the doctor tonight. My doctor, as well as the other 20 or so doctors at our clinic were completely booked today. I had to make an "emergency" appointment with the on-call doctor, Dr. Little. She is lovely. She looks EXACTLY like Jamie Lee Curtis and if I had her body, I would be in Playboy...anyhoo, I digress...

So at 6:40, Middleman joined a waiting room full of other coughing, mask-wearing sickos. Sigh.

Dr. Little was wearing her mask as she asked us why we were there. I told her that Middleman had been suffering with the flu since Saturday and ran down his symptoms:

High fever...104.7 at its highest;
Very painful muscle aches;
Sore throat;
Extreme fatigue;
Loss of appetite;
Headache; and
The main reason for our visit, a dry cough that was now worse than a lifetime smoker's cough.

Her reply?

"That's the one!" She meant THE one. Swine flu. Pig flu. H1N1.

I told her that I hoped we were over the worst of it and that his fever was lower and sporadic and that he seemed to be on the upswing.

She listened to his back and declared his lungs to be perfectly clear (Praise the Lord) and advised that the worst was not necessarily over. She said that this flu was a NASTY one and lasted 10-14 days. She told Middleman that he was home for the rest of the week. Funnily enough, his glazed, bloodshot eyes suddenly lit up...lol.

I then asked her about Tamiflu as a preventative for the rest of us and advised her of Threepeat's febrile seizure and dehydration issues from last year. She said that Tamiflu was not meant as a preventative. She said that if anyone has symptoms, to call the office and get them in quick for a prescription at the doctor's discretion. She alo advised that the office had H1N1 vaccine available and that I could bring Threepeat in tomorrow for a shot. I told her that his febrile seizure was right after last year's seasonal flu shot and that it was about this time last year. She laughed and said she didn't blame me for not wanting to vaccinate him this week (I guess she is superstitious too LOL!) She did agree that the shot can give him a fever which can lead to a seizure, but, then again, so can H1N1. Sigh.

She did say that she has had lots of families where the H1N1 was limited to one person...with good hand washing and quarantining, which we have really been trying to be careful with.

So...we are going day by day, hour by hour, praying all the way.

Stay Healthy my friends. Pin It

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JennT said...

Glad to hear a nurse agreeing that there's concern of the H1N1 shot triggering a febrile seizure. That's one of the reasons I chose not to have my kids vaccinated. That and by the time they were in a "target group" they have likely already been exposed to it!

I hope everyone else in your house remains healthy.

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