Thursday, 19 November 2009

The day is NEARLY here!!!!

FINALLY, at LONG LAST, tomorrow, my boyfriend will be back on the big screen. Edward, Bella and Jacob are sure to wow us this time, unlike Twilight, which I thought was pretty crappy. The New Moon trailer is very exciting and it looks like they actually spent some money this time to make it what Twilight should have been.

Anyway, the point is, I am SO excited about this movie. Chances are, I won't get to see it until next week (I'd rather not be in a theatre that is JAM-PACKED with teeny-boppers screaming over MY man) but the hype is very exciting!!

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1 comment:

Limey Girl said...

Most definitely a Twilight Mum and totally torn between the pretty boy Vampire and the macho Werewolf.
Decisions, decisions!
I do think I'm leaning toward Edward, I don't like my men too hairy! LOL

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