Monday, 23 November 2009

And we partied like ROCKSTARS baby!

Saturday night was the best time I have had in years....I mean YEARS.

All 6 neighbour couples went to Canyon Creek for dinner and Berlin's for dancing later on.

I must say I was disappointed in Canyon Creek...I hve now learned that you can't truly enjoy a restaurant on a Saturday night...lesson learned. We had reservations (there were 12 of us afterall) for 8:00, but we weren't seated until 8:30. The place was JAM-PACKED. The food, which is normally REALLY good, was cold and really not that good. My prime rib was like rubber and the baked potato was lukewarm at best. The rest of the girls had chipotle steaks and some were much too spicy and some were too bland.


We had great conversations...girls at one end of the table and guys at the other end. No clue what the guys talked about but the girls chatted about our weddings for a long time and that was fun.

At 10:30, we headed off to Berlin. What a place people. The music is both old school and today's hits. The crowd is older...some way older than us, some a bit younger, but no teeny boppers. I'd say the average age is about 35.

We started off with a couple of shots to get the muscles going...Banana Jacks to be exact. They are yummo!! Then, the girls headed to the dance floor while the guys chilled at the bar, watching the cougars go by! Every once in a while, one of the guys woulf bring the girls some shots to keep us going LOL. We went out onto the terrace a few times to cool down, but danced even out there.

I think all of the girls got hit on at least once and it was nice to have our hubbies there to see it for themselves!! Only one guy got hit on...he shall remain nameless...but the kicker is that he was hit on by a GUY! Yes my friends, a gay dude hit on my heterosexual, married neighbour! HAHAAHA! He will NEVER live that one down!

Too-many-to-count shots and hours of dancing later, we were feeling no pain...well except in our feet. Franca and Eddie started the party-poopage at 1:00. Although, she had had ALOT to drink and I think she made the right decision. Phil and Grace went home at about 1:00....wah...he had a sore throat. Wimp. Marylinda and Jack, Maria and Anthony, Tina and Lino and Hubster and I stayed until about 2:15 and then we all figured it was time to head out. I swear I could have stayed for another couple of hours!! It was truly that much fun. I've never seen a club so packed with was crazy.

We have all agreed that we will DEFINITELY be doing that again...what a BLAST! We also agreed that this time, ALL of us will ship off the kids overnight so that we can sleep in the next day. I got to bed at 3:00 and was up at 7:30...thanks Threepeat. All of the girls suffered large yesterday with headaches, but we all agreed it was SO worth it.

Good times....good, good times. Pin It

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