Sunday, 29 November 2009

New Moon ROCKS!

Middleman and I went on a date this afternoon...we went to see New Moon. We LOVED it! Although the movie was 2 hours long, the time FLEW by! Dakota Fanning was PERFECT as Jane...the werewolves were SUPER hot, Alice was gorgeous and Bella (Kristin Stewart) still can't act, but whatev...who was watching HER anyway? ;o)

Edward was dreamy and Jacob was hotter than I imagined a 17 year old to be...whatev. I'm an old bag and I know it, but this is FANTASY peeps...I can fantasize allI want...Bite Me. 'scuse the pun. ;o)

LOVED it. Cannot WAIT for Eclipse...gonna read Twilight and New Moon again in anticipation.

Go watch New will SO not be disappointed! Pin It

Saturday, 28 November 2009

Missing you...

As I sit here at Middleman's hockey practice this morning, my mind is on my Dad. I haven't talked about him much here on my blog lately, but needless to say, he and my sister are always in my thoughts. I am thinking of him now because I know how much he would love to be watching my boys play fact, I am almost certin that he would be on the ice, coaching the team. He loved coaching me in ringette and loved watching Boy Oneder play would have made his dream of having a boy real.


I loved my Dad so much...moments like these make my heart hurt. Pin It

Friday, 27 November 2009

Back on track

Hubster and I went back to Jenny Craig on Tuesday.

I am proud to say that after a two month hiatus, I have LOST 0.7 lbs! Hubster, on the other hand, has GAINED 4 whole lbs! HA! Sucker! He always lost weight so quickly even though he cheated, so it's nice to have a head start this time! ;o)

My goal is to get to a total loss of 11 lbs this week...TOTALLY doable. Then, it is a real possibility that I will lose another 10 lbs by January 10th...the day we leave for our cruise! Christmas will be a challenge, but I will be careful not to overdo it too much!

I have put my weightloss ticker back up on the blog as incentive...GO DAWN! Pin It

Thursday, 26 November 2009


I got two new awards!




So what if I just simply took them from Kate. She broke the rules, so I can too. Na ner na ner na ner!

Thanks Katester! Pin It

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Us 2 - Pig Flu 0

Dear Pig Flu:

You snuck up on us and hit WAAAAY below the belt. You hit us from behind, knowing we had no idea you were there. We had no equipment and you sent your strongest goon in to the corner. First, you took down our strongest player, Middleman. You beat him, you roughed him up, you were VERY unsportsmanlike. And then, when Middleman was at his weakest from your beating, you sent in your friend, pneumonia. Low blow man, low blow. There was more beating, more hitting him when he was down and more sneaky, low blows. We had nothing to defend us but the power of prayer. And you know what? My boy prevailed. He is still weakened by your blows and will be for some time. He coughs like an old smoker and he gets winded very quickly. BUT...we have Biaxin and Ventolin on our side. He WILL be strong again.

Then, just as we were celebrating Middleman's triumph, you snuck up on us again...this time, taking our weakest player, our youngest and most took Threepeat, you coward. Again, you snuck up from behind when we least expected you. You let us have a couple of days to think we were in the clear, but you struck again. But, THIS time, we were prepared. We rushed Threepeat to the sidelines and the team doctor armed us with Tamiflu...your worst enemy. Tylenol, Abenol, Motrin, Advil and the power of prayer were put on the field for our team. You fought, causing high fevers and a horrible cough. You took his appetite and made him weak, you caused him to vomit until there was nothing left in his little tummy, but this time, you had some competition. This time, we fought back. I am proud to say that today is only day 3 and Threepeat is fever free and the team doctor has declared that his lungs are "clear as a bell". He is no longer vomitting and his appetite is slowly returning. His energy level is near normal (God help me) and he is getting stronger by the hour.

Tamiflu is our hero. It has cut you back down to the level where you belong. It has stopped you in your tracks you evil, nasty virus. We despise you. We will fight you again if necessary. We WILL prevail.

Good riddance.

Us. Pin It

Monday, 23 November 2009

Pig Flu...Part Two.

Threepeat is oinking.

OK, he's not oinking, but he has the swine flu. Sigh.

He woke up this morning at about 7:30 with a low grade fever (99.8) and a nasty cough. Imade a mental note to recheck his temperature a bit later and we went about our morning routine. I checked his temp again at 8:30 and it was 101.8. Time to treat it. Now normally, with Boy Oneder and Middleman, my treatable fever mark is 102.5, but because Threepeat had a febrile seizure last year, I treat him at 101'ish. I also called the doctor, knowing we needed Tamiflu. He seemed ok, playing all morning and he ate a nice big lunch, maintaining a low grade fever (100'ish).

He went down a little early for his nap, which was good, because our appointment with Dr.L was at 3:00. He woke up at 2:00 and was BURNING...103.7. He vomitted and at 2:30, we gave him a dose of Motrin. Off to the doctor, towel and bag in the car.

Dr. L checked him out and said that although his lungs were "a bit raspy", he was not concerned enough to prescribe antiobitics...but he DID prescribe Tamiflu. We headed home and after a call with my manager, I went off to fill the prescription.

The pharmacist advised me that Tamiflu tastes AWFUL. It comes in capsule form and we have to put the powder into something very sweet, like chocolate syrup or honey. Yeah right. I ran into Metro to pick up a few things while I waited for the prescription and picked up some ice cream, pudding and a Nesquik chocolate milkshake. I chose the milkshake on a spoon. He took the first teaspoon, with no Tamiflu, quite well and then was excited about teaspoon number two...little did he know, it had that awful powder mixed in...he knew just looking at it that it was different, but being the champ that he is, he opened wide. LOL. His face looked like he was about to hurl, but he didn't...thank God.

He then ate a big dinner of penne and drank some more chocolate milkshake. He played ministicks with Boy Oneder for a bit and then out of nowhere, puked. It was about half an hour after his Tamiflu dose. Crap. I called the pharmacist and she said not to re-dose him. I checked his temp...102. Crap. I gave him an acetaminaphin I hate violating him that way...but his temp is now about 100. He's due for another dose at 10:45...poor dude. He has thrown up about three times and now, there is nothing but green bile. He has eaten 4 freezies and a very small bowl of fishies and seems ok right now. I just have to keep him hydrated and medicated for fever.

It's going to be a LOOOOONG night.

Please say a prayer for my baby bear tonight? Pin It

And we partied like ROCKSTARS baby!

Saturday night was the best time I have had in years....I mean YEARS.

All 6 neighbour couples went to Canyon Creek for dinner and Berlin's for dancing later on.

I must say I was disappointed in Canyon Creek...I hve now learned that you can't truly enjoy a restaurant on a Saturday night...lesson learned. We had reservations (there were 12 of us afterall) for 8:00, but we weren't seated until 8:30. The place was JAM-PACKED. The food, which is normally REALLY good, was cold and really not that good. My prime rib was like rubber and the baked potato was lukewarm at best. The rest of the girls had chipotle steaks and some were much too spicy and some were too bland.


We had great conversations...girls at one end of the table and guys at the other end. No clue what the guys talked about but the girls chatted about our weddings for a long time and that was fun.

At 10:30, we headed off to Berlin. What a place people. The music is both old school and today's hits. The crowd is older...some way older than us, some a bit younger, but no teeny boppers. I'd say the average age is about 35.

We started off with a couple of shots to get the muscles going...Banana Jacks to be exact. They are yummo!! Then, the girls headed to the dance floor while the guys chilled at the bar, watching the cougars go by! Every once in a while, one of the guys woulf bring the girls some shots to keep us going LOL. We went out onto the terrace a few times to cool down, but danced even out there.

I think all of the girls got hit on at least once and it was nice to have our hubbies there to see it for themselves!! Only one guy got hit on...he shall remain nameless...but the kicker is that he was hit on by a GUY! Yes my friends, a gay dude hit on my heterosexual, married neighbour! HAHAAHA! He will NEVER live that one down!

Too-many-to-count shots and hours of dancing later, we were feeling no pain...well except in our feet. Franca and Eddie started the party-poopage at 1:00. Although, she had had ALOT to drink and I think she made the right decision. Phil and Grace went home at about 1:00....wah...he had a sore throat. Wimp. Marylinda and Jack, Maria and Anthony, Tina and Lino and Hubster and I stayed until about 2:15 and then we all figured it was time to head out. I swear I could have stayed for another couple of hours!! It was truly that much fun. I've never seen a club so packed with was crazy.

We have all agreed that we will DEFINITELY be doing that again...what a BLAST! We also agreed that this time, ALL of us will ship off the kids overnight so that we can sleep in the next day. I got to bed at 3:00 and was up at 7:30...thanks Threepeat. All of the girls suffered large yesterday with headaches, but we all agreed it was SO worth it.

Good times....good, good times. Pin It

Friday, 20 November 2009

All better....almost

Middleman and I ventured out to see Dr. L for our follow-up appointment this morning...checking his chest to ensure the Biaxin and Ventolin are doing their jobs. I knew from the fact that he hadn't had a fever since Wednesday and that his eyes are sparkly and he no longer looks as white as Edward Cullen, that he was on the mend, but the doctor said a follow up appointment was a good idea.

Dr. L took a good, long listen to Middleman's chest and declared that he is "Much, much better than Tuesday" and that we seem to be over the hump. Praise the Lord. This has been a nightmare of worry for me. Unforch for Middleman, he can't play soccer or hockey until next weekend, but he has the green light to go back to school on Monday. We are to continue the Biaxin for the full 10 days and to slowly taper down the Ventolin from his current dose of 2 puffs 4 times a day.

YIPPEE! I can't tell you how relieved I am! I'm also cautiously thrilled that Threepeat and Boy Oneder were spared...this time.

In other news, I think I am the only person on the planet who was not at a movie theatre at 12:01 this morning, watching "New Moon". Well, except for Trent, bless his heart. He made a mistake and bought the wrong tickets...poor dude. Ah well, you're not the ONLY person who didn't see it hun!

This weekend is sure to be a good one...the neighbs are all getting together tomorrow night for dinner and dancing. We are starting off at The Keg at 8:00 and then we are heading to Berlin's at about 10:30 to work off all the food we will eat! There are 6 couples all together and it looks like Kathy and Bruno, our besties, may be joining us for the dancing part too. I'm REALLY looking forward to it...hoping everyone stays healthy so we can go!!

We don't have any select hockey this weekend, so it's just houseleague practice for Boy Oneder tonight at 9:00 and then a game on Sunday at 8:40 am...early, but that's us a whole day of family time afterwards.

So, that's my life in a are things in your neck of the woods? Pin It

Thursday, 19 November 2009

The day is NEARLY here!!!!

FINALLY, at LONG LAST, tomorrow, my boyfriend will be back on the big screen. Edward, Bella and Jacob are sure to wow us this time, unlike Twilight, which I thought was pretty crappy. The New Moon trailer is very exciting and it looks like they actually spent some money this time to make it what Twilight should have been.

Anyway, the point is, I am SO excited about this movie. Chances are, I won't get to see it until next week (I'd rather not be in a theatre that is JAM-PACKED with teeny-boppers screaming over MY man) but the hype is very exciting!!

Are you a Twilight Mom? Come on...out with KNOW you are! Pin It

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Isn't this the sweetest thing???

Each day, for the past week and a half, Boy Oneder has been going to Middleman's classroom to check for homework. So far, his teacher has been really good and has sent limited amounts home, knowing how sick he has been.

This is what Boy Oneder brought home from school today:

We promptly sat down and Middleman made this, to send back tomorrow:

Middleman is feeling MUCH better today...and has been fever free all day. His eyes are sparkling again and his skin is now turning pink from the chaulky white that has plagued him for almost two weeks. Thank God. The Biaxin and Ventolin are doing their job!!! Thank you for the phone calls, Facebook messages, comments, emails and especially, your guys are so awesome!! Pin It

Monday, 16 November 2009


Tonight, Tina, my neighbour, called me to say that she had heard that Middleman's fever was back. She begged me to take him to the walk-in. I am 100% ANTI-walk-in. But, she begged. So I went.

The doctor, who it turns out is the CHIEF of Pediatrics at one of the local hospitals, suspects pneumonia. He ordered a chest x-ray, which he recommended we put off until tomorrow to avoid the ER; Biaxin, an antibiotic; Tamiflu; and Ventolin, a puffer.


I gave him his Biaxin and his Ventolin, but I am holding off on the Tamiflu becauseof my extensive Research (aka googling) of how Tamiflu works. I can`t find any evidence that it works after the 48 hour mark. I think we are on hour 12,337, but who's counting. Anyway, we have an appointment with my doctor tomorrow, so I will get his opinion before drugging my boy up even further. Bless his heart.

He is SO, SO, SOOOOO sick. In fact, I have never seen ANY of my boys this sick before. Tired doesn't even TOUCH what he is suffering. He sleeps like 20 of every 24 hours. H1N1 clearly sucks.

Please, if you are the praying type, pray for my boy tonight? He could use all the help he can get.

Thanks. Pin It

Sunday, 15 November 2009

It's just not fair.

Heaven has a new angel tonight. This afternoon, 13 year young Amanda Driscoll succumbed to the evil that is cancer.

I have so much more to say, but I am so very sad right now, so I will type my feelings out later.

RIP Sweet Amanda. My prayers are with you Heather, Leroy and Julia.

:o( Pin It

Friday, 13 November 2009

Update on Sicholas...

Well, I am pleased to say that Sickleman can now be called "Not-so-Sickleman". Praise the Lord, he has been fever-free for almost 48 hours and has been eating a little bit and...get this...SMILING!!!

His cough is still here and his nose is alternately runny and stuffy, but he is definitely on the mend. It's ABOUT time!!! Today is day seven of this sickness...he deserves a break for goodness' sake!

We ar enot out of the woods yet as far as contagiousness...that is ANOTHER week, but today, I used Mr. Clean disinfectant wipes all over Sicholas' room and ensuite. I washed his sheets and comforter and left his window WIDE open all day. I bought some Lysol spray and sprayed all over the house. Hopefully, I am keeping the rest of us safe.

I must say that Sicholas is truly the best patient. He rarely complains and is very good at wallowing in his own self-pity. He remembers to wash or Purell his hands and cough into a towel. He is SUCH a good boy. Sadly, he won't play hockey or soccer this weekend, but if all goes well, he will be back at school on Monday. He has lost a full week and, according to his teacher, has missed "several important tests". Ev. My boy was sick...he's a smart cookie and I have no concerns...I know he will catch up quickly and easily...he has MY brains afterall.

So, Sicholas, thank goodness is now not-so-sicholas. Back to Middleman it is. :o) Pin It

Thursday, 12 November 2009

GWA cancelled


This weekend was supposed to be a girls' weekend away (GWA) for my dear friends, Karen, Wendy and I at Deerhurst Resort, but alas, we have postponed.

Karen, being the caring soul that she is, called me to let me know that she had called Deerhurst and that they were fine with crediting us and letting us rebook at any time over the next year. Karen said that she knew I wouldn't really enjoy myself, knowing that I had one boy potentially still sick and two boys who could potentially GET sick. As disappointed as I am sure she was, because I know how excited she was about this weekend, she put me and my feelings first...that's why I love her so much.

I just got off the phone with Deerhurst and they did in fact put a credit on my account for up to one year. After my conversation with Karen this evening, I think we may head up there in the dead of winter for a ski and spa weekend.

Karen, you are truly a gem. You have been nothing but wonderful to me since I met you and I just don't know what I would do without you. Thank you my friend for knowing what is best. Thank you for postponing our weekend. Thank you for being you.

Wendy, sorry babycakes. Just like Karen, I know you understand. We'll book a winter getaway and maybe you will be able to spend both nights with us! Thanks for being such a great friend...I can't wait to get together for a great weekend with you both!!

So, as much as I am sad that we won't get the whole GWA package that Deerhurst is offering this weekend, I know that this is for the best. My kids and my husband need me...

Thank you friends! :o) Pin It

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

Whine, bitch, moan....

Yeah, yeah, I know...I sound like a broken record, but it's my blog and I'll cry if I want to...and believe me, I have.

I am physically sick from worry. Middleman is still pretty sick. Although he is eating a little here and there, he still has a fever on and off and this afternoon, it hit 102.7 again after a couple of days of staying lower than 102. His cough sounds awful and he is SO SO SOOOOO lethargic. He sleeps most of the day away and a full twelve hours at night. He says his chest hurts. We have been using a number scale so that I can understand how he is feeling. 1 is normal...perfectly healthy and 10 is take me to the hospital. He hasn't said less than 4 in almost 5 days. (Telehealth advised that we should have him rechecked for pneumonia because he shouldn't have a fever after five days, so we are seeing Dr. Little again tomorrow morning at 8:10)...Sigh. He has been quarantined to his room since Saturday, emerging only to use his ensuite to pee or to come downstairs and sit alone in the kitchen to eat a few mouthfuls of food he really doesn't want. It breaks my heart.

All the while, I am waiting for the bomb to drop. Waiting for Boy Oneder, who is borderline asthmatic and already uses a puffer or Threepeat, who is Mr. Febrile Seizure last year, to start presenting symptoms. Checking foreheads with faked kisses so as not to worry them, watching for ANY sign of crankiness in Threepeat or a change in his diaper contents, constantly reminding Boy Oneder to use Purell. Sigh.

I haven't slept more than an hour or two each night since Saturday and even those few hours are fitful.

Some would say that I should get them vaccinated, and it has crossed my mind again that perhaps I should...but, now that the swine flu is in the house, I fear that vaccinating them would put them in MORE danger should they actually get the virus as well. The vaccine takes 10-14 days to take effect anyway, so I guess vaccination is a mute point now.

It's just this damned worry. I can't turn off the overdrive. I pray about it and try to trust that God will take care of us all, but the worry prevails. I haven't been like this since Middleman was a baby. Honestly, I have been so calm with illnesses, even with Threepeat's febrile seizure and dehydration last year...sure, I worried, but not to this extent. This is ridiculous.

I can't function like this for much longer...I really can't.

How do you other mothers deal with this? What are your tricks for staying sane during times that are really, REALLY scary for you? Pin It

Lest We Forget

Wear your poppy today. Observe a moment of silence. Be grateful for your freedom. Remember. Pin It

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Feeling a bit better, but not much...

I took Middleman to the doctor tonight. My doctor, as well as the other 20 or so doctors at our clinic were completely booked today. I had to make an "emergency" appointment with the on-call doctor, Dr. Little. She is lovely. She looks EXACTLY like Jamie Lee Curtis and if I had her body, I would be in Playboy...anyhoo, I digress...

So at 6:40, Middleman joined a waiting room full of other coughing, mask-wearing sickos. Sigh.

Dr. Little was wearing her mask as she asked us why we were there. I told her that Middleman had been suffering with the flu since Saturday and ran down his symptoms:

High fever...104.7 at its highest;
Very painful muscle aches;
Sore throat;
Extreme fatigue;
Loss of appetite;
Headache; and
The main reason for our visit, a dry cough that was now worse than a lifetime smoker's cough.

Her reply?

"That's the one!" She meant THE one. Swine flu. Pig flu. H1N1.

I told her that I hoped we were over the worst of it and that his fever was lower and sporadic and that he seemed to be on the upswing.

She listened to his back and declared his lungs to be perfectly clear (Praise the Lord) and advised that the worst was not necessarily over. She said that this flu was a NASTY one and lasted 10-14 days. She told Middleman that he was home for the rest of the week. Funnily enough, his glazed, bloodshot eyes suddenly lit

I then asked her about Tamiflu as a preventative for the rest of us and advised her of Threepeat's febrile seizure and dehydration issues from last year. She said that Tamiflu was not meant as a preventative. She said that if anyone has symptoms, to call the office and get them in quick for a prescription at the doctor's discretion. She alo advised that the office had H1N1 vaccine available and that I could bring Threepeat in tomorrow for a shot. I told her that his febrile seizure was right after last year's seasonal flu shot and that it was about this time last year. She laughed and said she didn't blame me for not wanting to vaccinate him this week (I guess she is superstitious too LOL!) She did agree that the shot can give him a fever which can lead to a seizure, but, then again, so can H1N1. Sigh.

She did say that she has had lots of families where the H1N1 was limited to one person...with good hand washing and quarantining, which we have really been trying to be careful with.

So...we are going day by day, hour by hour, praying all the way.

Stay Healthy my friends. Pin It

Monday, 9 November 2009

Mother worry

I swear to you....there is NO worse worry in the world than Mother Worry.

The problem is, my mother worry goes into overdrive. With H1N1, that overdrive becomes TURBO. The last 48 hours has been a constant battle in my brain between what is reason to worry and what is overdrive panic. Worrying about Middleman being sick and worrying about Boy Oneder, and especially Threepeat, getting sick. The "what if's" have kicked in and they are horrible.

Sleep has eluded me because I am constantly checking on Middleman. Every half an hour, I am non-chalantly checking Threepeat's forehead. I have googled every keyword you can think of in relation to fever, H1N1 and flu. I have asked everyone I have come into contact with about the vaccine, Tamiflu and whether they know anyone who has had pig flu.

It is ridiculous.

But I can't help it.

I hear about babies like Stellan and wonder how his mother handles it. I know she prays, but I pray too. How on earth does she watch her child flatline and then be brought back to life, only to undergo a seriously dangerous operation??? And she is at the hospital ALONE!!!! I just cannot comprehend how she is not in a mental institution. Today is just the icing on her cake of stress too...Stellan has had heart issues since he was in the womb...this is not new, but definitely scarier than it has been...I just don't get it.

I think of parents whose children have cancer or some other serious illness. My goodness I just don't know how they do it. I can't handle H1N1...God forbid I ever have to deal with something worse. I don't even want to think about it.

My prayers go out to anyone who is dealing with a sick child...especially serious illnesses...God be with you. Pin It

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Pig Flu...sigh

Middleman has the flu. From all accounts, it is H1N1 because apparently, November is too early for the seasonal flu. The only way to tell for sure is a blood test, but my gut says if it looks like a pig, it's a pig. BIG sigh.

His symptoms started yesterday morning. It was 6:45 and he was getting dressed for hockey in front of the fire. He said his throat was hurting, but he wanted to go to practice. I don't know what possessed me, but for whatever reason, I checked his temperature with our ear thermometer...99.5. Considering he was in front of the fire, I figured he had no fever and we left.

While we were in the Tim Hortons drive thru, Middleman said he was starting to feel a bit worse. I told him that I thought we should go was just a practice. He, surprisingly, agreed and we headed back home. He went back to bed.

When he woke up at about 9:30, his temperature was 101. Gave him Tylenol. He was now complaining of a sore throat, sore chest, cough, sore shoulders and he said, "Mom, I have NO energy." I gave him some orange juice and he stayed in bed...all day.

By the end of the day, his temperature was 103.5. Kept giving him Motrin/Tylenol,which lowered his fever a degree or two. Had a banana at some point and no other food. Gave him more orange juice and water thoughout the day.

Had a rough night...coughing and aches were pretty bad. Continued Tylenol and Motrin and water, along with a cold washcloth for his head.

He spent the whole day in bed today with nothing but a banana to eat and water to drink...oh and two freezies.

He's very very tired and achy...and, thanks to the media hype, terrified that he is going to die from H1N1.

Tonight, at 5:35, I went upstairs to deliver his dinner order of white rice and soya sauce. He eas sound asleep...and VERY hot. A check of his temperature showed 104.7. HOLY CRAP! Dosed him with Tylenol and smoothed his face and head with cool washcloth, gave him fresh iced water to drink and took his blanket off. An hour later, he was still above 102. I left a message with Telehealth Ontario, the taxpayers biggest waste of money ever. I left the message at 6:00...they called back at 8:45. Gee thanks. What's the point of having a medical advice line if there are not enough people to deal with the calls? COMPLETE JOKE.

The reason I called Telehealth was not really because of the fever, but because I wanted to know more about anti-viral drug that reduces the length and severity of flu symptoms. The window of opportunity is small for Tamiflu as it has to be adminstered within a maximum of 48 hours of the first symptoms. Tomorrow morning will be too we decided, at 6:30, to leave for Georgetown Hospital...a 40 minute drive, but almost guaranteed to be less busy than our local hospital that is overcrowded on the best of days.

Georgetown was PACKED. At LEAST 30 people, all wearing masks, some of which looked to be on death's door, sitting in a 20x20 room. YUCK. I turned around and walked out.

We decided to drive to Orangeville...40 minutes from Georgetown and about the same distance from home. It was *almost* as bad. Hubster stayed in the car (wimp) while Middleman and I donned masks and entered the germ-infested hospital. We met the girl who was Joanne's dearest friend, Michele...she is an ER nurse there. The wait was about 2-3 hours...crap.

We waited for 10 minutes, but being around all these horribly sick looking people freaked me out, even with my mask on. So I asked the other nurse (Michele had gone on break) what her thoughts were...she basically agreed with me that since I was there for Tamiflu and not because Middleman was having difficulties that required ER attention (please God it stays that way) that sitting in the waiting room for 2-3 hours was not the right choice.

We headed home. We arrived at 9:30. I gave him Motrin and checked his temp...101.8...better than 104.7, but still not great. He ate a banana and is in bed up there now.


My poor little man.

My biggest fear now is that Boiy Oneder and Threepeat will get it, but ESPECIALLY Threepeat. I can't imagine how terrified I will be if he gets it with his febrile seizure and dehydration history.

Please say a little prayer for all of us? I'm really scared. Pin It

Saturday, 7 November 2009

University visit

Threepeat and I had another visit to York University today for his "infant study". He has been going since he was 2 months old. The study was set up to research how he interacts with me, with toys, with other adults and with other children. The study included two other boys, Nathan and Marcus, but we didn't see them this was just Threepeat and I today. Pin It

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Keyword Analysis

So, I thought it would be fun to go through my keyword analysis again, however, this time, I took out all the phrases that I found disturbing. It occurred to me that by typing those words out here, it would draw more sickos to the blog when they did a keyword search, so here's the funny, but clean list:

7 4.29% boy-oh-boy
4 2.45% boy oh boy oh boy
4 2.45% middle child syndrome
4 2.45% boy oh boy
3 1.84% boy oh boi
3 1.84% threepeat boy-oh-boy
3 1.84% kayleigh anne freeman
1.23% Kayleigh Ann Freeman
2 1.23% boy oh boi blog
2 1.23% make boyfriend blow nose - LMAO!!!
2 1.23% boy blog
2 1.23% boyohboy blog
1 0.61% boy oh boi net
1 0.61% declutter
1 0.61% oh boy take me out - to the ballgame?
1 0.61% boy oh boys
1 0.61%
1 0.61%
1 0.61%
1 0.61%
1 0.61%
1 0.61% how to stop middle child syndrom - if you figure it out, let me know!!
1 0.61% blogspot boy oh boy
1 0.61% got over cold and no runny nose has returned - oh dear - get well soon!
1 0.61% boys blogs
1 0.61% boyoh boi
1 0.61% poses of Bichon Frise for +computer wallpaper - My Rosie should be a model!
1 0.61% boys oh boys
1 0.61% can i still my girl back even no she kiss me and a other - oh boy - love triangle? 1 0.61% boyohboyohboy
1 0.61%
1 0.61% www.menvs - men vs boys...boys would win ;o)
1 0.61% h1n1 flu francesco boy hockey player
1 0.61% evan frustaglio's birthday - Hugs Evan...RIP :o(
1 0.61% my son has runny nose should he get vaccinated - Dr. Dawn says NO!
1 0.61% boy oh boy blogspot
1 0.61% teenaged boy blowing his nose - eww. Who would want to see THAT?
1 0.61% how middle child syndrome affects adulthood
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Monday, 2 November 2009

SO much to post, SO little time...

Friday night, Hubster, MIL, the boys and I attended a benefit concert at my Mom's church for a little girl with cancer. She is 12 and the cancer is a rare form...the doctors are having a hard time treating her. My Mom organized this concert all by herself, and so far, has raised over $3,000.00 for the little girl's trust fund.

The concert was amazing. The church choir sang a couple of songs and then a group called, "General Store" sang a 20minute set. They were REALLY good. We were toe tapping and knee slapping for the whole set. Threepeat was dancing and loved to clap at the end of each song! My favourite song was "Kneel Down and Pray Up" It was VERY uplifting!!

Next, my brother-in-law and his brother, Gord and cousin Darren ("Digger"), who form a band called "Narrow Road" played a 20 minute set. They brought a phenomenal fiddle player, bass guitar player and pianist. They truly shook the church with their amazing songs. Narrow Road is truly awesome. They are like a male version of the Dixie Chicks and are really THAT good. I wish they would go mainstream because they would really kick butt...honestly. Listen to some of their songs on their website, and you will see for yourself.

After Narrow Road's set, General Store played another 20 minutes and then Narrow Road closed off the concert with another 20 minute set. Although I loved EVERY song, if I had to choose my top three for Narrow Road, they would be "Point of Light", "Victory in Jesus" and "More Like You". Fantastic gospel band that is SO not appreciated by enough people.

After the concert, Mom and her friends from church prepared refreshments in the Great Hall. Wes, the minister was there the whole time (I watched him toe tapping and knee slapping like the rest of us! LOL) and it wasa pleasure to speak with him again. My Mom is truly blessed with her church community...they are amazing people.

Saturday, being Halloween, was a busy one. It started with hockey practice for Boy Oneder and Hubster at 8:30 and soccer practice for Middleman at 10:00. MIL stayed home with Threepeat while hubster and I did the sports thing. After Middleman's practice, I told him to get ready for his 1:00 birthday party and was advised that, "Oh...I forgot to tell's cancelled. Sierra's Mom is in the hospital with Swine Flu." For the love of's rampant in our subdivision right now and I am on my knees in prayer that it skips over our house.

After a fantabulous supper (penna alla vodka) that I cooked, because I rock in the kitchen, we got ready for trick or treating. Boy Oneder decided to go out with his friends...he's old enough that trick or treating with his little brothers and his mom are uncool...I get he headed out with his friends, cell phone in pocket. He had some hideous mask and that was the extent of his costume. Middleman was a green skeleton and chose to come with Threepeat, Grandma and I and all the neighbs. Threepeat dressed as a chicken, but his spiderman costume was underneath and NO ONE could tell him he was a chicken. He was SPIDERMAN and he made it abdundantly clear when someone commented on his chicken suit. "I AM SPIDERMAN...NO CHICKEN!!!"

I will post photos once I have the time and the energy to upload them.

Boy Oneder made me extremely proud when he headed back home a little early with three of his friends. Apparently, several other friends were setting off cherry bombs and vandalizing the park, so the four of them came home. I told them all that they madea very smart decision and made them a cup of hot chocolate. They stayed long enough to watch the end of the second period of the Maple Leafs game and then headed out again, warm and fuzzy...yep...Mother of the Year lives right here.

Sunday was once again started with hockey. Boy Oneder and I headed out to his 9:20 houseleague hockey game, whilst Hubster, MIL, Middleman and Threepeat prepared for Middleman's 11:00 hockey game at a different arena. Boy Oneder lost 3-0 and then we headed over to Middleman's game. He won 5-0, Middleman scoring 2 goals and getting 2 assists!! WOOT! WOOT! After the game, we headed back home to grab a few things and then we were off to Costco for some badly needed supplies and then to Grandma's for a family lunch/dinner ("linner" - LOL) The linner was in honour of Hubster's 43rd birthday.

Mark and the girlies came and I was THRILLED that Mark's girlfriend, Patricia and her lovely children, Alex, Ashley and Ben came too!! Patricia is SUCH a lovely person, both inside and out and I am so glad that she is in Mark's (and my) life. Her children are truly wonderful, so respectful and SO cute. We had such a good comfortable and easy...considering that Mark is my late sister's husband, many people would find it tense and difficult. I found it natural and perfect. I can't wait to spend more time with them (and go shopping with Patricia!! HEHEHE!)

PHEW. If you got this far, God bless you! I think this is one of my longest posts EVER!

Great weekend, great times, great blessings. Pin It
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