Friday, 16 October 2009

Very proud of myself...

I have come a long way baby.

Three weeks ago today, I said good-bye to someone/thing that I thought would never leave. They are now gone for good and my lungs are very grateful. I feel better, I breathe deeper, and I am spending more time with my kids because of that good-bye.

Two days ago, I decided to say good-bye to another old "friend". Well, this one's not really a "good-bye", but a "let's slow the relationship down a bit". Anyone who knows me know I LOVE my wine. I am not an alcoholic by any stretch of the imagination, but I think that I have been drinking more than I should be. So, I have decided that my 1-2 glass a night routine will stop. From now on, I will have 1-2 glasses on the weekend...not per night, per weekend. This way, I have something to look forward to after a hard week's work. Not this weekend though...I'm on a bit of a break this weekend. So, no wine for me until next weekend. Obviously, this slow down won't be as difficult as my previous "good-bye" to cigarettes, but I am changing a will take some work.

Next stop? Back to Jenny Craig on November 2nd. Hubster and I took a bit of a break, after finding it hard not to cheat. Our hearts weren't in it, so we took a break and I think it's done us good. I am looking forward to going back to Jenny.

Next will be a committment to exercise. We are in the process of finishing the basement, and once it's done, we will have an excercise room, where our eliptical and treadmill and weight machine that have been collecting dust will finally be put to use. We will have a TV in there and I think I'll be able to commit to some time on the machines a few times a week. The basement should be done by January, so it will be just in time for a New year's Resolution!

After that, well, the world is my oyster!!! Hopefully, I will be healthier, happier, sexier and ready to face anything the world throws my way. HA! A girl can dream, can't she? Pin It

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Wander said...

Don't stop dreaming girl, sometimes they are the only thing that pulls us trough dark moments.

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