Monday, 5 October 2009

Middle Child Syndrome

Lately, my middle child has been a real handful. Disrespecful, angry, distant, very emotional, just plain not very nice. Hubster and I had a heart-to-heart about him last night because his gaming was getting out of control and his temper was frighteningly bad. We talked about "Middle Child Syndrome" and I googled it today. My middle child has "Middle Child Syndrome". He is showing all of the signs that point to it and it's scary.

One point that seemed to be the same across all of the websites I viewed was that they need to be doted on. Middle children are lost in the shuffle. The older child is wonderful and makes you SO proud when they do things for the first time, the baby is so cute and such trouble that he gets tons of attention and the middle child is, well, he just IS. They often have low self-esteem and are loners. They are usually sad children and it can carry on into adulthood if not rectified. The websites all suggested giving each child special alone time and making a special effort for the middle child.

Tonight, I took my middle child on a date. Just Middleman and I.

We started off going to Sears to pick up winter jackets that I had ordered for all three of them and then we headed to Jack Astor's, his choice, for dinner. We both had sirloin steak, his side choice was vegetables (WOW!) and mine was a loaded baked potato. We laughed at the comedy show that they were showing on the TV and chatted about this, that and the other thing, uninterrupted by a loud two year old or a bossy 13 year old.

We then headed over to Chapters, where Middleman chose a novel about Dragons...Deltora Dragons. He also picked up a small origami kit for Boy Oneder.

Next stop was Toys R Us, where he used his own money to buy his umpteenth pack of Chaotic cards and he chose a Power Rangers Magnet Book for Threepeat.

Our final stop was Michael's, where I bought hangers for my Halloween wreaths and a book on how to sketch Mythical Creatures.

We had a lovely, lovely time and, I am embarrassed to admit, that I had no idea what a sweet, intelligent, thoughtful boy he is. I definitely have not spent enough time with him and, going forward, that is going to change.

It's amazing how life gets in the way and can blur out some very important things. It breaks my heart, but hopefully, my lesson is learned and Middleman will be the centre of attention sometimes.

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Limey Girl said...

You are an awesome Mum! xo

Kate said...

Julie definitely suffers from being the middle child. Not only is she no longer the baby, she's no longer the only girl. It's been tough for her. We try to ensure that we have our one-on-one girl time together so that we don't lose touch with what's going on with each other.
Big hugs.

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