Monday, 19 October 2009

I don't get it.

And I need you, my trusty readers, to help me here.

I was at Walmart the other day and saw the cutest little girl. She had the most beautiful, piercing blue eyes and the red jacket she wore seemed to bring them out even more. She had a beautiful head of curly ringlets halfway down her back. She was having a tantrum and her Dad looked a bit flustered, so I broke the tension with, "She has the most beautiful eyes!"

"He's a boy" was Dad's response.

"Oh...I'm sorry...HE has beautiful eyes!" (I slunk away like a bumbling idiot)

Why, for the love of everything holy, do parents of little boys let their hair grow out like girls?

Is it because they wanted a girl so badly, but got a boy instead? Cuz let me tell ya folks....been there done that...THREE TIMES. But NOT ONE of my BOYS has long hair.

It's ridiculous. Even the celebs think it looks good:

This is what Celine Dion thinks is attractive for her son?:

Kate Hudson not only grows Ryder's hair like a girl, she has him carry a manpurse too!:

I guess we will give Blanket a pass considering who his father was, but come on:

And so, I ask you again dear readers...WHY? Is it me? Am I so out of the "What's Fashionable" loop that I am offbase here? I look out my bedroom window when the kids are in the schoolyard for recess and have trouble figuring out which are boys and which are girls for goodness' sake!!

Please explain? SOMEONE? Pin It


Kate said...

I just burst out laughing at the "he's a boy". HA HA HA! I could so see your face!

I don't get it either. I blogged about this topic awhile ago because it annoyed me so much.

Thanks for the laugh!

Karin said...

Okay my kid gets a bit shaggy at times, but NOTHING like those photos. I've seen boys on the Football teams before though that have hair like that. One mom even asked me if there were girls playing on the other team - and she wasn't being sarcastic. One especially looked very girl like - blond hair blowing out behind him as he ran.... I said "No, as far as I know this league only allows boys to play - so they must all be boys". Poor kids - you know people must ALWAYS be talking about it. Maybe it's a ploy for attention by the families..... "Notice US please!" Like the balloon boy in the news this week...... very sad..

4 vs 1 said...

Oh Karin...I think all kids get "shaggy"...Nick was shaggy for a while issue is with hair down their backs or in ponytails!!

kia (good enough mama) said...

I don't get it either. At all. :? Just the thought of someone saying that to me about my son is enough for me to keep his locks short and neat. ;) Call me old-fashioned if you like. I can take it.

shallowOcity said...

LOL!!!! Oops, that happens alot here in SOCAL. I'm still trying to figure out Celine's kids' deal??

-Great Blog! I'm a follower!

Hannah said...

I am with you on this one! I can't stand long hair on a boy. I think Kate Hudson's son is OK..not my style but not horrible at least not in that picture but I really just prefer short. That first picture of the boy looks crazy. He is in a suit and tie and looks like he hasn't brushed his hair even once.

Luckily for me this is not a battle in our house. My son likes his hair too short. :)

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