Wednesday, 28 October 2009


Yep...I'm hopping on the "H1N1 blog post" bandwagon.

The whole H1N1 thing has eaten me up for about a week. I have researched, read, talked, thought, researched, read, talked and thought some more about whether I want to have the boys immunized.

Finally, this afternoon, Hubster and I came to our decision together. We will not have them vaccinated.

The vaccine is just too young for me to feel comfortable about it. All this talk about mercury and side effects, etc. scares me. So does the thought of one of the kids getting this stupid flu, especially since Evan Frustaglio's death. This, God forbid, could have been Boy Oneder...13 years old, hockey player, no underlying health issues...dead in less than three days. It just breaks my heart. But...we also don't know what adverse effects the vaccine will have in years to come. That scares me too. I also remember Threepeat's febrile seizure just after his seasonal flu shot last year...coincidence? maybe, but it scared us to death.

I am a pro-vaccinations Mom. My kids have had all of their shots, on time...well except for Threepeat...he did not have the chicken pox vaccine because I would prefer that he get them naturally like his brothers did. But, I will vaccinate him for chicken pox if he has not contracted them on his own by about grade 3. My doctor, like all other doctors, is recommending the shot.

I pray that we have made the right decision. I pray that H1N1 does not touch my family. I pray that if it does, we will fight it and come out stronger.

If not, I am comfortable that we are making the right decision, based on alot of research.

Stay healthy everyone. RIP Evan and all other H1N1 victims. :o( Pin It


Lee said...

Love your blog! We aren't getting it either...of course, we have already had it and it wasn't that bad! New follower!

Limey Girl said...

I am with you ... it's too new and there is too much confusion from the medical profession about the shot to convince me that it's viable.
We too were advised about the chicken pox shot, but I held off, preferring that they get it naturally. I did put a grade 8 limit on it though. Thankfully they both got chicken pox in the same month about 4 years ago.
Grade 8 for Caitlin was all about another new vaccine for girls, can't recall the name, but we steered clear of that too, as again, it was new and in my mind, untested.
We just don't know what the after effects of these shots may be.
As scary as the complications from any flu can be, uncertainty of the safety of the drugs we are being encouraged to take is scarier.
The public is really divided on this one!

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