Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Declutter 2009

Well my friends, the time has raise the roof and have some that's a Lionel Ritchie song...what I MEAN is,


Yes folks, my home is at a point where I can no longer stand it. It's time to purge, purge and then purge some more and I have taken the next two days as vacation days to get it done.

I'll be on and off of Facebook all day of course, lol, please, let's not get stupid shall we? But, my goal is my room, my ensuite and Middleman's room today and then Boy Oneder's room and the kitchen tomorrow.

All the while, the laundry will be flying along.

Wish me luck!! Pin It


Wander said...

Two days...seriously? I couldn't begin to put a dent in decluttering in that length of time...maybe that's because I have to sort go back and sort some more. Hope you are able to get it all accomplished! Want to come to Arkansas and help get me started on mine?

Kate said...

Ugh. I used to use vac days so I could clean my house because I never had enough time otherwise. Hope you are able to get everything done that you want to.

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