Thursday, 17 September 2009


Threepeat still has a cold.

Middleman has a cold.

MIL has a cold.

Man I love this time of year....NOT. One question...why do mothers send their kids to school when they are sick, just to share those cooties with other kids? WHY??Dumbasses.

Luckily, both Hubster and I work from home,so that cuts our cooty factor down quite a bit, but school is a nightmare.

I found out yesterday that our school board does not have a "nit" policy. Imagine my face when I heard that if a kid has lice, as long as he/she has no live insects in their hair, they can continue to go to school. "Nits" or, as you and I know them, louse eggs, are acceptable. Is this for freaking REAL? No wonder there are still lice on the earth! UN.BEL.IEVABLE.

Anyhoo....lice are gross, so we will move on.

I am leaning towards the H1N1 vaccine...if it is widely available. I have to do everything I can to protect my kids from crap like thisand if a shot will do it, so be it.


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mapsgirl said...

My decision is still up in the air. The H1N1 vaccine will contain mercury. (

I don't know if I want to expose my girls to that.

They've never had a regular flu shot but H1N1 is different so I was thinking I'd get the shot. This is something I'll be discussing with my doctor next week.

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