Wednesday, 9 September 2009

She loves me! She REALLY loves me!!

Deanna from Life After 18 Seconds gave me an award today! It's the Kreativ Blog award and you can see it over there on the right in my sidebar! Thanks SO much Deanna!

Deanna and her husband, Tony embarked on a special journey a couple of years ago. They were on a quest to adopt theit daughter. Halainah Grace is one of the most beautiful little girls I have laid eyes on and I look forward to reading their blog every day, just to see new pics of Lainey-Bug! I have loved following their story as they went through all of the adoption processes and finally met and brought home a baby girl from China. Will you keep them in your prayers now as they embark on their second journey? This time, they are adopting a "mei mei" (sister) for Halainah. The love in this little family of three is just amazing...a fourth member would make it perfect.

Here is the meaning behind the title of their blog...profound:

Why you ask? Why did we name our blog ">Life After 18 Seconds?" Well we have had plenty of time to think while we are waiting for our precious daughter. It pains my heart and you will be absolutely amazed on how many orphans there are in this world. Precious little miracles of God that will never know the love of a mommy and daddy, the snuggles, the kisses, and the laughter of a family.

Statistically every 18 seconds a child is orphaned in this world. Can you imagine? On the 19th second is where our story begins. This is our adoption journey to a most precious gift from God, our daughter Halainah Grace. Welcome to our life....Life After 18 Seconds.

So here are the rules for the "Kreativ" Blog award:

Thank the person who nominated you. (Check...thank you Deannna!)

Copy and paste the logo on your blog. ('s posted)

Link the nominator on your blog. (Check)

Name seven things about yourself. (Check)

Nominate seven "kreativ bloggers". (So hard to pick only 7 but...check)

Post links to the nominated blogs. (Check)

Leave a comment on each of the blogs. (Check)

Hmmm...List 7 things about myself...this should be fun:

1. I love my wine. Plain and simple...I.LOVE.MY.WINE.

2. I have a serious road rage issue when it comes to people who are oblivious to the cars (and people) around them. Sometimes, it takes EVERYTHING I've got to keep my cool. P.S. It is not safe to talk on your cell phone, smoke a cigarette and put your mascara the same time...while you are driving.

3. I love horseback riding. I am looking into getting back into it on a regular basis because I miss it tremendously.

4. I am addicted to the internet. I would have a VERY difficult time if I did not have it...seriously.

5. I HATE tomatoes...yeah, I know, I married an Italian and hate tomatoes...go figure. I also married the only Italian family that doesn't drink wine. Sigh. I must drink alone.

6. I love cottages and the cottage life. The tranquil peace of the lake on a calm, quiet evening is bliss. Seeing stars that, living in the City, people don't even know exist. The campfires, the fishing...I love it all. Oh how I wish we had a cottage.

7. I live with alot of guilt. I feel guity about not spending enough time with the kids, not cleaning the house enough, not working hard enough, not man effort to lose weigh enough...guilt, guilt, guilt. I wish I could make it go away.

Okay so here are 7 outstanding blogs that I am passing the "Kreative" blog award toin random order. It was really hard to choose 7 because I have a ton of blogs that I just love to follow and are all so special to me. But I had to limit it to 7 so I hope there are no hurt feelings.





Wander's World


Angie Pin It


Wander said...

Thank you Dawn! This is really special to me with the ordeal that I've gone through since the first of the year. I wish my story had a happy ending like Deanna and Tonys, but such is the way of life. We were praying for a miracle but it wasn't to be. Which is what Gods plan is all about and if miracles happened every time then they would cease to be miracle and just common everyday occurrences. That probably didn't come out right, but as I said whatever happens or happened it's all within Gods plan.
Love and Hugs,

Kate said...

Thanks Dawn :-)

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