Tuesday, 8 September 2009

First Day Down!

Well, day one is over...according to Middleman, that's one less day that he has to go to school in 2008/2009. LOL! Gosh I love that guy!

Everything went off without a hitch. At 8:14 am, in true my boys fashion, they were at the door, shoes on feet and backpacks on shoulders, waiting for the first bell (8:15). The moment the bell rang, the front door was open...Boy Oneder spotted his two best friends (the "G" twins) and looked at me with longing eyes. Without uttering a word, I knew he wanted to go with them and not me. "It's not like you can really 'walk' me to school Mom...I go in on the other side of the portapack." I kissed his forehead and told him to get lost. He trotted off and walked with his friends...the first time in his life that I didn't walk him to school on the first day. Sigh...

Middleman and I hung back a bit (OK, Middleman had to pee...he was a little...OK ALOT nervous). Threepeat wanted to come along (he always came with me last year both at drop off and pick up time...he loves the school and all the kids love him to death), so he joined us and, as a nice surprise, Hubster came too.

As we came outside, all of the neighbs were just walking up, so we all walked as a big group...love it. We walked over to Middleman's line up and when I looked at his face, it was GHOST WHITE. I don't know why, but for Middleman, the first day is always nervewracking. He has Alexander, our neighbour and his bestest bud, in his class this year, but that didn't seem to take away the jitters. He was fine, just nervous.

We stayed with him for a few minutes, but it was clear that he was OK, so we said our good-byes, had a couple of kisses and then Hubster, Threepeat and I slowly moved backwards and then headed back home. We chatted with tons of peeps on the way because the schoolyard was, understandably, all aflutter. Parents who NEVER walk their kids to school walk them on the first day. It's lovely to see.

Anyhoo, at 3:00, Hubster, Threepeat and I walked over to the school to meet the boys. Boy Oneder, being in grade 8 now, avoided us like the plague, trying to blend into the huge crowd...and I let him. Sigh. Middleman came out and Threepeat ran into his arms for a big hug and exclaimed, "I MISS YOU!!!" Love it.

We said hello to tons of peeps, exchanged pleasantries...cuz I am a pleasant peep, asked how the first day went for their kids, pretended to care (I jest, I jest) and then discreetly met up with Boy Oneder and headed home.

They both had a little homework and a TON of paperwork to be completed...on that note, why can't I just check a box that says "same as last year"? UGH. Middleman, being our studious one, completed his homework, that is not due until Friday, immediately. That's my boy! Boy Oneder dawdled and ate a snack before heading out to Home Depot (arr...arr...arr...) with his Dad. He did his homework at 8:45...yeah, that's how he rolls. I guess the point is that he did it, right?

So, another first day of school is behind us.

Onwards and upwards!!

How was your kid's first day? I DO care, I really do...I was just kidding before, I swear. Pin It


Proud Parents of Halainah Grace said...

I always hated the first day of school for some reason. I always had a pit in my stomach.

Stop over at my blog...I left you an award cuz...I just love your blog!


Limey Girl said...

Our school term started a week ago, much to the disgust of my kids.
But for the first week they were awesome. Both up at the first note played on their clock radios, got their own breakfasts, should be expected at 14 & 16 years right, and did their own lunches, both out the door 1/2 hour before the bell rang for the 10 minute walk.
This week, Cait is still on track but Con, not so much. The past two days he's slept through the screaming music right beside his ear, (claimed this morning that he doesnt' know how he does that)and on Monday night he did his homework at his girlfriends house, a 3 page Biology report due the next day!!!! This after promising that Gr.'s 11 and 12 were going to be different. He was going to really work hard and study and not do his usual "night before it's due" homework/assignment effort. Not a week in and he's busted his own rule. LOL
Picture day today too and he was still sitting at the breakfast table when I left at 8:30, bell rings at 8:55 and he was no where close to be ready. Apparently at 16 males lose their minds, some refind them at 20 I've been told. LOL
A lil' bit of good news to share with you honey! By the time Frankie reaches 16, Con will be almost through the worst, so I will be more than experienced at the machinations of the male teen mind and will be here with open arms to guide/help you through the dark days. :0) xo

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