Monday, 21 September 2009


This is a reading that was done at Madi's Bat Mitzvah. It touched Hubster and I quite deeply and I wanted to share it here...

A FAMILY is...for sharing things together in a caring kind of way.

A FAMILY is...where we learn that no one person is an island unto him or herself.

A FAMILY is...A deeply rooted tree with branches of different strengths, all receiving nourishment from an infinite source.

A FAMILY is...Where character is formed, values are created, and society is preserved.

A FAMILY is...Where all members contribute and share, cooperate and work, and accept their responsibilities toward the good of the group.

A FAMILY is...Where holidays are celebrated with feasting, birthdays acknowledged with gifts, and thoughts of days gone by, kept alive with fond remembrances.

A FAMILY fuss with, fight with, feel with.

A FAMILY is...Where each can find solace and comfort in grief, pleasure and laughter in joy, kindness and encouragement in daily living.

A FAMILY is...where you can go, no matter what has happened in your life, and they will take you in.

A FAMILY is...A haven of rest, a sanctuary of peace, and most of all a harbor of LOVE.

WE are grateful that our family is our family. Pin It


Limey Girl said...

Love this, can I share it too?

Hope you are feeling better soon xoxo

4 vs 1 said...

Share away!

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