Wednesday, 2 September 2009


Metal mouth.

Yeah, that's my boy.

Boy Oneder got braces today and I am officially $6,000.00 poorer for it. SIX THOUSAND EFFING DOLLARS.

He chose black and red elastics on the braces to represent his rep hockey team. Oh's no longer about silver braces dontcha know. It's about the colour of the elastics that go around the braces that make you cool.

It's 9:11 pm and Boy Oneder is in bed, suffering from a headache from the pain. Yesterday, he was SO excited to get braces and be like everyone else. Yeah. I warned him. I told him it would be painful. I told him that it wasn't a fashion statement. But, noooooooooooo....he had to have braces and he had to have them NOW. He did need them...I'll give him that much. But I don't think he realized that it's not about being's about repairing teeth and his 80% overbite. My heart broke for him tonight when he couldn't even eat his supper. I had to make him mashed potatoes at 8:00 so that he had something in his belly. Poor sweet boy.

Anyway, I will post photos tomorrow, once I get them. Please say a little prayer for him tonight...he's hurtin'.

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