Wednesday, 26 August 2009

While MIL is away...

the parents will SUFFER!! MIL is off with SIL and fam on a Caribbean cruise this week. Hubster is on vacation, taking care of the boys while I work.

Can I tell you that this 100% on our own parenting thing SUCKS? I mean seriously...I have no time for tending my farm on Facebook, I have to fill AND empty the dishwasher, clean up after I cook and take care of the kids the whole time!!! I hadn't realized how much MIL does until now.

I can officially say now that my MIL is a Saint. Yes, I said it...she is a SAINT.

Crap...gotta go...Threepeat just smeared cookie all over the floor. UGH. Pin It


Kate said...

Spoiled little princess.

kia (good enough mama) said...

Yes, you ARE spoiled.

You should start taking bids on your mil's services. Women like me (with mil's from HELL) would pay a lot of money for a few hours of your mil's time. Truly. ;)

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