Sunday, 16 August 2009

Viva Las Vegas!

So it turns out that the theme for my party was "Las Vegas". Mum had cards and dice on each table, lots of Vegas decor, a Magician, a singer, bling for me to wear and a Blackjack table.

We had a blast. All of my close friends and family were there, save for a few who for various reasons , couldn't be there. It was fun, fun fun.

I got some amazing gifts and the best of all was a trip to Vegas for Hubster and I, courtesy of Mummy!!! We are staying at Bellagio and we leave THIS THURSDAY!!!!! Mum paid for the airfare and the accomodations for just the two of us...can you say, "AMAZING?!" I SO can't wait!!!

I have lots of pics, but they are mostly NOT on my camera, so I will post them later, but for now, suffice it to say that it was all I ever wanted in a party.

I got a GORGEOUS Pandora bracelet with some very meaningful charms from the neighbs, I got Winners gift cards from my "cousin and aunt and uncle" (not really blood family, but family all the same), a gorgeous necklace with the boys' initials on the pendant from Anna and Mike, a Royal Doulton figurine from SIL and BIL, a beautiful necklace from MIL, a few bottles of wine from my Mum's friends, US cash from another friend, a gift card to Vaughan Mills Mall from Donna and Diego, LCBO gift cards from my manager and her husband and my BFF Joanne and her husband, Ben, a beautiful wine decanter and a bottle of white wine from my dear friend Karen and my makeover and sunglasses from my hairdresser extraordinaire, Mary and her husband, Peter. How blessed am I?

ETA: OMG Kathy!!! I SO thought I typed that you gave me a BEAUTIFUL purse, which I have already moved allmy stuff into and used today! I LOVE IT!!!!! So sorry for the oversight!!!! (blush)

Truly, truly blessed.

Thank you all for coming and sharing my birthday with me.

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mapsgirl said...

I wish we could have been there. Happy Birthday! Enjoy your trip!

Rocca's said...

And funky blue/fringe purse from your friends.........
The Rocca's

4 vs 1 said...

Kath....OMG....I'm sorry...I SWORE I put it in the post!! I've added an ETA now. How embarrassing!!

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