Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Still no new wheels.

I ordered my van on June 10th. I knew at the time that the minivan plant in Windsor was on shut down due to the economy and after discussing it with my salesman, we figured it would be about 4-6 weeks before I got the van.

We have been keeping track of its progress on the internal program that the dealer has...we saw that the order had been accepted, we saw that it was being painted, and then we saw that it had a shipping date of July 28th with an estimated delivery date of July 31st...the key word in that last part being ESTIMATED. UGH.

So, last week, my salesman calls to say that it is due to arrive at the dealership on Friday (the 31st) beans! I arranged insurance, got all the financial stuff in order on Thursday. My salesman told me he was going on vacation, but that his colleague would be more than happy to assist me with the PDI. Great!

Friday, at around noon, I hadn't heard from the dealership, so I called. The van would be there by 4:00. It was in Concord at the moment, which is about half an hour from the dealership. Fantastic. At 5:00, the dealership still hadn't called. I called back and was told that it didn't look like the van was coming in today. He also said that even if it were to be delivered tomorrow (Saturday) that there would be no one in the shop to prepare it. Tuesday would be delivery day. UGH.

Fast forward to yesterday (Tuesday). I called at 9:00 am and spoke with my salesman's colleague. He advised that it was scheduled for delivery at 2:00 and that he would call me as soon as it arrived. call. I called him. The receptionist told me he was with a client, so I asked her to please check to see if my van had arrived. She advised that the van was in Windsor (WTF??!!) and that it was scheduled for delivery on July 31st, but it wasn't here yet. No shit sherlock. I asked to speak to the Sales Manager and was transferred to this little shit of a boy who talked to me like a high school chum. I could tell he was young just by the way he spoke to me. He was very condascending and advised that the delivery date is an "ETA" and that it could go 3-4 days either side of that date. I pointed out that we were on day 4 on this side of the ETA and he cut me off and said, "BUSINESS days." He also advised that there was no way to track the vehicle. (WTF??) How the heck can you not track a 1,000 lb vehicle???? I can track a piece of paper that I send somewhere by the heck can this be??

I hung up the phone spitting nails. He was just so arrogant. It pisses me off that I have been waiting a long time for this van and we are paying a HELL of a lot of money for it. The least I should be able to expect is courtesy and honesty.

And to be completely honest, I just want my new car. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a NOW CHILD. I can't wait for ANYTHING.

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