Monday, 10 August 2009

Poor, sweet angel of mine

My littlest angel is sick. He has a fairly high fever (102.9 at its high point) and he's not eating. Drinking is not his favourite pastime right now either. :o(

He seems OK in himself, but seeing him all glazed over with fever breaks my heart. Bless him. He is on alternating Motrin and Tylenol, so hopefully, that will keep him comfortable until whatever is ailing him goes away. Poor baby has to miss "school" tomorrow and he is heartbroken...he DOES love school.
Speaking of school, here is a photo of him on his first day:

Since I am in the mood for photos, lookie here:

My Three Handsome Dudes (taken last weekend at Grandma's house):

Grandma and her boys: Middleman and Threepeat watching a DVD in the new van! (WOOT WOOT!) Last night, we had the longest, most amazing thunder/lightening storm I have ever witnessed. It lasted about an hour and was absolutely amazing. Look:
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