Monday, 3 August 2009

Kids these days...

This afternoon, we went to our good friends, Kathy and Bruno's house for a barbecue. Katrina, their eldest, is 13...turned 13 in March. Alysha, their youngest, is 11...turns 12 in September. Boy Oneder is 13.

I was amazed at the difference in maturity, both physical and emotional, between Boy Oneder and the girls. The girls look like young women, slowly developing lovely ladies' figures. Boy Oneder is still a every sense. He hasn't had his growth spurt yet and it really shows. He's not "into" girls yet. He still has a fairly high pitched voice and he is lanky and skinny. That's just the PHYSICAL comparison! The girls are so much more mature. They speak and act so differently. I can't really describe that part, but I guess Boy Oneder seems more hyper...more silly than the girls. Don't get me wrong, the girls had their silly moments, but they were fleeting...Boy Oneder's were not.

Another funny observation I made was the "uncomfortableness" (is that a word?) between them. These kids have known each other since Katrina was 9 months old and Boy Oneder was 6 months old. The girls call us Zio and Zia (uncle in Italian) and the kids are all truly like cousins. We haven't seen them in a while (a couple of months) and I could almost FEEL the embarrassment and tension between them when we first arrived. It's so funny. They are obviously looking at each other differently now. I'm not saying it's a sexual thing, per se, but it's a gender thing for sure. I could see them trying to look cool in front of one another and none of them wanted to speak first. SO weird.

Anyway, we had a FAB time, like we always do with them. Threepeat was a little ham and the girls loved on him, like they always do. Bru made us laugh and Kathy fed us WAY too much food, like they always do.

I love being with good friends...makes my heart all warm and fuzzy.

Thanks for a great afternoon guys! Pin It

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