Sunday, 9 August 2009

Cruisin' and Bruisin'...kinda

We all love Penelope. She is brilliant. The only thing it seems she CAN'T do is cook dinner!

We took her for a ride up to Barrie yesterday. The kids played PS2 and watched DVDs all the way there and back...HA! LOVE IT!

I haven't taken photos yet...they will come this week, I promise.

In other news, Threepeat is sick. He has a 102.4 fever. He isn't acting sick, other than not eating like he usually does, but my experienced opinion is that tonight will be a rough one. Sigh.

Anyhoo...I am 100% addicted to "Farm Town" on Facebook, so I must go and tend my farm...night all! Pin It

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ReneeLynn03 said...

Ethan just got over that fever (viral crap). It lasted about 4 days and the peak for him was 104.2. He ended up sweating it out friday morning. It was rough for him but he took it a lot better than I would have. I hope J starts feeling better real soon.

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