Sunday, 2 August 2009

At least I didn't gain...

Yesterday's JC weigh in resulted ina 6 ozs loss for this week, bringing my grand total, according to THEIR scale,to 6.6 lbs lost. I'll take it. Better than gaining. For me, it's no longer about the scale. It's about fitting into clothes that used to be too tight, it's about energy I haven't had in years and it's about health. I am not putting CRAP into my body anymore...except my precious wine...which I will NOT give up thank you very much.

Celexa withdrawal is gone...woot! I feel wonderful. I feel good about myself and I actually got a wolf whistle from someone at the local plaza yesterday. GO ME! Nearly 40 years old and I've STILL got it.

Today was a rough one. Hubster painted MIL's bedroom with Boy Oneder's help, so I was alone with Threepeat and Middleman...devilboy and nightmare child I am tired. But, thereis a hot tub that we have had for a few months that Hubster and I have yetto christen, and accorrding to my libido, tonight may be the night. Yeah, whatever, TMI, but this is my blog and I can divulge whatever I want, remember? Pin It

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