Friday, 17 July 2009

You GO girl!

I am very, VERY proud of myself.

Tonight, Boy Oneder had veal on a bun from California's for dinner. Middleman had pizza from my all-time favourite, Pizza Pizza. Threepeat had a little of both. I had Jenny's Mac and Cheese with green beans and carrots and I added a cup of lima beans to my meal.

When all was said and done, Boy Oneder only ate half of his veal sandwich and Middleman left one slice from his small pizza. Hubster had Jenny's Chicken Fettucine AND Boy Oneder's half veal sandwich AND Middleman's leftover pizza slice.

Have I mentioned how much I love Pizza Pizza? Well, I do. Tonight, however, I was able to resist temptation...for the second day in a row. GO ME! I hope with all my hope that it shows on the scale at my weigh in tomorrow morning. I've been very, very good all week. Please God...

I want SO badly to wear a backless top for my birthday party on August 15th so I can show off my tat, but I have to lose my belly first. I really, REALLY want to be 150 lbs for my party. That means I need to lose another 12 lbs in 29 days.

I have walked every night this week for 15 minutes...except one night. I have been diligent in drinking my water and eating ONLY Jenny Craig. I have also added Hoodia to my daily routine. Praying for a big loss this week. Pin It

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