Thursday, 9 July 2009


Let's see...what can I blog about tonight?

Miscellaneous ramblings you say? OK...

Tonight is the first night that I feel hungry. The Jenny Craig Personal Pan Pizza is vile and completely unsatisfying. Blah. I choked it down and then had a salad, but that is one mofoing meal I will never purchase again. I am munching on carrots as I type this, so all is good in the world again.

Boy Oneder has one more day of hockey camp and then his summer begins. Middleman was supposed to be in camp this week, but a high fever for 5 days kept him home. God help me.

Threepeat's nose is MUCH better. It's just red now, as he chose to pick the scab off entirely. Gross.

Work is good. I had my mid-year performance review today and I am proud of my accomplishments thusfar. YAY me.

We finally had sun today. I had to work through it, but it was nice to have the sun shining through the window for once this summer.

This weekend is cottage weekend at Jim and Karen's. The weather is supposed to suck on Saturday, but not so bad on Sunday, so hopefully it's not a complete wash.

I have designed a new tattoo, which will be added to the one on the small of my back. I have an appointment to meet with my tattoo artist tomorrow afternoon (YAY half day summer Fridays) and then he will tweak it for my inking on Monday. I am taking a vacay day for it and I am very excited. It is a memorial tat for my sister, Joanne, and I will share pics on Monday night.

What else? Hmm...

The neighbs still rock. We have been spending lots of time with them...well, Threepeat and I anyway. If it't not hockey, it's soccer, and Threepeat is a nightmare at the arena/field, so Hubster takes Boy Oneder and Middleman to the sports and Threepeat and I hang with the neighbs.

So, my peeps, there you have it...a schmorgaspord of ramblings. Nothing in particular, but everything in general! Pin It

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