Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Not gonna lie...

I feel like crapola. I am so tired and weak...so down and blue. All par for the course after just coming off Celexa and suffering a migraine yesterday. Add to that the fact that I haven't slept well in three days and, well, you got me.

Whine button on...

I work from home. I love it. I absolutey thank God every night for the blessing of being able to balance life and work this way. I can deal with a client, throw a load of laundry in, speak to another client, send an email, update all my accounts, throw another load of laundry in, have a conference call, run over to the kids' school for 15 minutes to see them get an award, get back home in time for another client call and still have the luxury of logging in at 11:00 pm if I need to. So many nights, when I can't sleep, I work. It is truly amazing...and SUCH peace of mind.

But on days like today, I wish I was in an office, far far away from the yelling, fighting, screaming, hitting, crying, yelling, fighting, screaming....you get it. When the kids are home on summer vacation, days like today are days I should be at the office. Unforch, you don't know until mid-day how bad they will be. So, this afternoon, I made the decision that I am buying a lock for my bedroom/office door. The children need to understand that when I am at work, I am at work. They cannot barge into my office to tattle tale on one another. They need to understand that I may as well be out of the home when I am at work. Since they can't seem to get that through their heads, tomorrow morning, when I go to get my Timmy's, I will be popping into Home Depot for a bolt-type lock for my bedroom door. Perhaps then, I will not be disturbed by the madness that is my house.

It's really not that bad, honestly, but days like today are hell. They are really bad, stressful days. I need not all this stress.

Tomorrow, I will enter my cave, only to surface for lunch and then at the end of the day. I'll keep you posted on how it goes.

In other news, Jenny Craig is still going REALLY well. I am SO not hungry and SO not deprived. I had Teriyaki Salmon with carrots and brown rice for lunch and a HUGE salad with Turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing and veggies for dinner. I just finished up my Cheese Curls snack and I am totally satisfied. I am extremely proud of myself tonight as I walked around the BIG block (20 minutes brisk walk, both up and down hill) while listening to my Iphone. I chose lots of upbeat songs and it was all I could do not to sing out loud as I walked along. I got soaked...it was raining...but I felt SO good. GO ME! This Jenny Craig journey is no longer abou weight loss...alhough I will take every lost pound with a smile TYVM...but it is about HEALTH. Living a healthy, productive lifestyle. I no longer fill my body with crap...fat, cholesterol, junk, calories and gunk. I am eating normal portions of good, nurtitious foods, and as such, have gained energy and charisma. GO ME!

So, I had a crappy day, but I turned my frown upside down by doing something GOOD for me instead of something destructive like I used to.


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Proud Parents of Halainah Grace said...

I need to give you a big bloggy hug! Exercising always makes me feel so much better. And pumping up the tunes gets me going too. I blast my ipod when I'm walking...I just need to do it more often. I am praying for better days for you my friend.

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