Monday, 13 July 2009

The new me...

Today is a Dawn day. I got a mani-pedi this morning at the local Nice One Nails. They are lovely, even if we can't communicate other than through gestures. LOL:

This afternoon is INK time. I am adding to this tattoo:

in memory of my sister, Joanne. I plan to add pieces of the following photos to the existing one. I sent them all to my tattoo artist, Jesse, and he is going to design something for me.

The meaning behind a tea rose is "I'll remember you always"

The meaning behind a pink carnation is "I'll never forget you"

The meaning behind pansies is "loving thoughts"

Finally, forget-me-nots have a meaning that is obvious from their name. I am debating on whether to have the forget me nots put on the top of my foot instead of adding to the other tattoo like the other flowers. I will just have two or three forget me nots on my foot. In either case, I will not have the fairy becuase in order to tattoo people, the tat must be big. I don't want a biker chick sized tat thanks.

So, I will update after my appopintment! Pin It

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