Friday, 31 July 2009

Man, I wish my spacebar worked.

I am going to type this postwithout backspacingonce.As you canclearlysee, Threepeat has messed upthe keyboardon my laptop LARGE. My lastfew posts have been editedby me, as I go back and put in a spacewhereever it is necessary. This post, however, is unedited. Sometimesthespacebarworksand sometimes,well, it clearly doesn't.


I wonder how much it will cost to get it fixed...and more importantly,how long I will be withoutmy laptop whileitgets fixed.


In other news,tomorrow is Jenny Craig weigh-in day.Iamexcited, yet nervous.I havebeenVERY good this week,walkingevery day forhalfanhour. I have not cheatedandhavea casefullof water inmy system. I'll let you knowthe resultstomorrow.

Isthe spacebarissue pissing you off yet? HA...welcome to my world.

Today was the day that I wassupposed to take delivery of my new minivan.Didn'thappen. The van is in a depot, approximately10 minutes from my home,but due to PDI andblah blah blah, ithasto go to thedealership where I purchased the vanfrom before they can give it to me. Sigh. I was SO pumped about havingmy new wheels thisweekend.Ah well,now it will be Tuesdaybecause it's a long weekendBABY!

I have nowwatchedepisodes1, 2, 3and 4 of True Blood, Season One. It ROCKS.I aminlove with the actorsthat play JasonStackhouse, Lafayette Reynolds and Sam Merlotte. I can't decidewhich one is hotter. Edward Cullen (Robert Pattinson)willalways be my firstand foremost, but HUBBA HUBBA theseactorsareHOT!

OK...enough fortonight. If you have read this far, you are a saint...the broken spacebaris a pain in the arse...errr...EYES! Pin It

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