Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Kinda sad tonight.

I went to see a client this morning. I had to wear something loose, so I chose a flowy baby doll halter top over black dress pants.

Without even saying "Hello", my client gushed, "OMGOSH!!! Dawn!!! You are expecting???!!! How exciting!!" :o(

My heart broke. I told her that no, I was not expecting, I was just wearing a flowy top today. She didn't apologize, but simply laughed and said "Oh!"

I was devastated. I know I am overweight. I know my tummy is gross. I know I look pregnant. But I am trying, I really, really am. Having someone mistake me for pregnant was a huge blow. A massive blow to my ego.


Why must people be so stupid? I would never, EVER ask a woman if she was pregnant if I wasn't 100% sure. :o(

Sucks to be me...and my belly...today. :o( Pin It

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