Sunday, 19 July 2009

Just quit bloging already...for the love of PETE!

If you think blogging isn't for you, stop blogging.

For the love of everything holy, why must you dramatize and whine and beg for attention? "I think I have had enough of blogging." "I think blogging for me has run its course." "I am apathetic about my blog." "I'm not in the blogging frame of mind."

Then quit blogging for the love of Pete! I am SICK AND FRICKING TIRED of people saying they are done blogging, when it is an obvious ploy to get attention and comments. They always threaten and never follow through. Just go already. UGH.

I have taken several hiatuses (hiati?) from the net and from my blog, but I've never been melodramatic about it, hoping that people would beg me to stay. For reals. I know I could never live without my blog or the internet, so threatening to leave would be a complete joke. So I don't do it. I follow two blogs whose owners have threatened at LEAST three times to quit. SO EFFING QUIT ALREADY!

GET AN EFFING GRIP. You are NOT that good. In fact, there are several spelling and grammatical errors in many of your posts, so please, step back and realize you are SO not Danielle Steele or Steven King. Stop writing your boring blog and shut the eff up about it.

Thank you.

Now returning to your regularly scheduled programming....

Stepping down from soapbox now. Pin It


Proud Parents of Halainah Grace said...

Oh Dawn,
You seem as fed up with blog fakers as I am. I couldn't have said it any better than you. It drives me friggin crazy!! I am at my wits end and ready to poke myself in the eye because I would rather experience that pain. I can certainly relate, oh boy can I relate. Hang in there sister. I wish we lived closer so we can go out for a couple of glasses of wine (although I am sure Jenny Craig wouldn't agree). Oh by the way congrats on your weigh in on Saturday. You are gonna be 1 hot mama for your birthday!
Sending you tons of hugs,

Kate said...

Are you talking about me? I've said I haven't been in the blogging frame of mind lately...

4 vs 1 said...

Nope...not you Kate. I am talking about two specific people, one of which continually moans about how she is done with blogging, and then once she gets a bunch of whining ninnies begging her to stay, she comes back with a big hurrah. It's nauseating really. a person's life THAT sad that they need people on the internet to beg them not to leave?


So, nope, not you babe (this time ;o) ). How are you anyway? xo

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