Monday, 6 July 2009

Jenny Craig...the first 24 hours

I am loving Jenny so far. I know it's oly day two, but her food is SO good and I haven't felt hungry!

My day's worth of food yesterday:


Jenny's Fruit and Granola cereal with one cup of 1% milk
Timmy's coffee with 1/2 a cream and one sweetener (sweetener is something I will have to get used changes the entire taste of the coffee)
Bottle of water

Morning Snack:

Jenny's Honey Nut All Canadian Bar
Bottle of Water


Jenny's Broccoli and Cheese Potato <-- this was exceptionally yummy!
5 raw mushrooms (mmmm! LOVE mushrooms)
Bottle of Perrier water

Afternoon snack:

2 apricots
2 crackers
Glass of wine


Jenny's Roast beef and mashed potatoes...again, DEEEELISH!
Big bowl of salad
Glass of wine (I walked for 15 minutes with this kids this afternoon, so I earned my second glass)

Evening Snack:

Jenny's Cheddar Cheese Popcorn....SCRUMPCIOUS!!!

Honestly, I am amazed at how good the food is. I thought it would be tiny portions of freeze-dried crap like all the other frozen foods like Lean Cuisine and Wegith Watchers, but it is really, REALLY good...and very hunger satisfying! Pin It

1 comment:

Limey Girl said...

Glass of wine x 2 ... come on, are you taking liberties here LMAO
Glad it tastes good, GOOD LUCK!

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