Wednesday, 15 July 2009

I phone, therefore I have an Iphone

I bought an Iphone today. It's not the superdeedooper 3Gs or whatever the heck the new one is, but it's an Iphone with 16gb of memory or whatever the heck 16gb is.


Anyone who knows me knows that I am Gadget Girl. Well my friends, this Gadget Girl is in her ELEMENT!!! There is so much to learn YIPPEE!!!

I have a Blackberry for work, but Facebook is blocked and so is my gmail account, so when I am at a client site, I am lost., I replaced the old Samsung crapola flip phone we have had for ages, whose display doesn't work, with the Iphone.

WooeffingHOO...I love it.

The apps are ENDLESS peeps!!! ENDLESS!

I can even update my blog from my Iphone!

OMGOSH life is wonderful right now!!! HAHAHA! Pin It

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