Sunday, 5 July 2009

I am not cut out to be a SAHM

for reals peeps...I am about ready to torture and kill one of Middleman or Threepeat.

Today has been the day from hell.

I wanted to make it a special day for the three of us while Hubster and Boy Oneder went dirtbiking, but thanks to Middleman's fever, we have been housebound all day. FTLOP, I am about to commit suicide...ok, not really, but only because Hubster is on his way home. I tried to count on my neighbs, yet none of the effers were home. MIL went out with SIL for the day and Mum is at a cottage this weekend. I have been completely alone ALL effing day. Threepeat slept for a whole 40 minutes this afternoon and has been a whiny SOB since his short nap.

OMG peeps...calgon...TAKE.ME.AWAY. Pin It

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