Sunday, 12 July 2009

Fantastic weekend...kinda.

Although Mother Nature chose to give us another weekend of pretty shitty weather, da boyz and Hubster and I had a blast at Jim and Karen's cottage.

We arrived at about 3:30 yesterday afternoon, and left at about 2:30 today. 23 hours of great company, a beautiful cottage, good food and good times.

Sarah and Ryan came with sweet Molly and baby Charlotte. I fell in love with Charlotte the moment I saw her. She is two months old, but looks like a newborn. She was a bit early, so was only 5.5 lbs at birth. She now weighs a whopping 9 lbs, so she is a little bigger than Threepeat was a birth. To me, she is a newborn. She loves being cuddled and I love TO cuddle, so we hit it off immediately. I loved on her and got my baby fix, so all was good in my world. She was another nail in the coffin of me wanting another child because the yearning for a fourth was just not there. Threepeat completed me completely. LOL. I am SO done.

We spent alot of time fishing, and, unlike last year, we had lots of bites! We caught a crapload of sunfish, which we promptly threw back. BUT...Middleman caught a BASS!!!! It was a little one, but big enough for ME to eat, but Ryan thought it best to set him free, so we did. Wah. Not before we got this photo:

He was SO proud of himself. It was adorable.

Threepeat fell in love with two-year-old Molly. He says he is going to marry her. LOL. They spent alot of time in the bedroom with the door closed. Oh come ON people, they are TWO!!! They were reading a "Thomas the Tank Engine" book.

Threepeat had a fascination with baby Charlotte's toes...but then again, who DOESN'T?

Anyway, great friends, great fun, non-Jenny Craig food...but not too far off the wagon...YAY ME. All in all, a fantastic weekend.

Tomorrow is a vacay day and I am getting re-inked. Jesse, my tattoo artist is adding to the butterfly/ivy tat on the small of my back. It is a memorial for my sister. Pics and a definition of the design to follow. I am SO excited. Pin It

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