Sunday, 26 July 2009

Boy OH boy

Julina is gonna kill me. Honest to goodness.

Today alone, he has painted the walls with a red Freezie, sprayed lemonade all over our leather couch, hit Jordanna, the neighbour child, with a DVD cover, dumped his bowl of popcorn all over the family room, removed the spacebar and the f and k keys from my laptop (hence this post taking longer than necessary to type), sprayed "Spot Shot all over my kitchen cupboard (on the inside) and left little army men all over the first floor of the house. Oh, and in the meantime, he kissed me, hugged me and told me he loved me at LEAST five times. All in the span of half an hour.

Yes, I love him...yes, I am so glad he is mine, but my oh my, what I wouldn't do for half an hour "toddler free".

Calgon...take me away.................. Pin It

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