Tuesday, 9 June 2009

An update on da boyz....and me of course

Boy Oneder is playing four on four hockey this summer. He really is good...he has scored 2-3 goals in each of his games, and has had numerous assists. He has also tried out for a select team and just last week, was asked to sign with them. This means several things...body contact, tons o' dough and four nights a week of hockey all winter. I am very proud of him and I am so glad to see him so confident in himself, but man oh man, what a busy winter it will be! Boy Oneder made it for the 100 metre relay (for the third year in a row) and for long jump. He will compete tomorrow at the Track and Field meet, representing the grade seven boys. He had a fantastic time at Brock University and learned so much about science. I am thrilled that he was a good boy and that he enjoyed himself.

Middleman is playing soccer this summer and Hubster is his coach. Anthony (one of our neighbs) is the assistant coach and Alexander, Anthony's son, is on the team as well. They had their first game last Thursday and it was a nightmare. They lost miserably, 7-3. But, they had fun and that's what counts. Middleman made it for the school's 100 metre relay team and he will be at the Track and Field meet tomorrow to represent the school's grade four boys. Middleman used to be a Club Penguin member, but apparently, Club Penguin is SO yesterday. He is now a member of Moshimonsters.com. Sigh. My little techy gamerboy.

Threepeat keeps us all on our toes. He is fiercely independent and his favourite phrases are "I do it!", "By myself!" and "That's mine!" He talks in full sentences and most people, including strangers, understand everything he says. He is smarter than you can even imagine, remembering things and names after one time and he can eat with a knife and fork...yes, I said KNIFE. He is just finishing up his swimming lessons, which he has been attending with Hubster. He has really enjoyed the lessons and loves it when he jumps into Hubster's arms. Another favourite phrase is, "I go under!" and he dips his face or head into the water. He truly is brilliant. He wears size FOUR clothing. Yes, he's only two. He weighs 40 lbs and is 39 inches tall. He's a bruiser let me tell you.

Mom and I leave for England one week from tomorrow. I am SO pumped about shopping and eating and visiting with friends and family. Ten days with no kids and no hubby...is that bliss or what?!!

Work is crazy busy, but I love every moment of it. I have a great bunch of clients right now and I am really enjoying working with them.

I will soon be 40 (OMG) and Mom is in the process of planning a big party for me. It will be on August 15th at her community centre and all my friends are invited. I am so excited about it. Certainly not excited about turning 40, but the party will be DA BOMB BABY!

My good pally, Karen, is a painter and her Facebook statuses have inspired me. She raves about how much pleasure she gets from her painting and it seems to be therapeutic for her. So, I bought myself a paint-by-numbers called "Darling Angel" and I am finding it so relaxing and tranquil. I must say it is looking lovely and I am excited about the finished product. I will post a photo when it's done. Pin It

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Karin said...

Awesome update! Thanks for sharing. Sounds like all the boys are doing wonderful - and will be staying very busy!

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