Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Pedicure, sunburn and chillin'

Pauline gave me a pedicure today. She rocks. She has pampered Mum and I like mad since we arrived. LOVE HER!

Today, Mum went out with her friend, so Pauline, Aunite Marj and I stayed home to chill. I had a glass of wine while she massaged, scrubbed and buffed my feet. She filed my nails and put on blue nail polish and then she put little flowers on my big toenails. Did I mention she rocks?

This afternoon, a dear old friend who I knew when I was still living here, Julia Patch, came for a visit. She is absolutely lovely and we had a nice chat.

Now, I am going to have a shower to try to ease the sunburn...OMG the days are hot and sunny here (YAY!) and then another friend, Katie, is coming for a visit. I AM a popular girl, aren't I?

We are having fish and chips for dinner and once again, all is well in the world

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