Monday, 15 June 2009

Pack, Schmack.

I hate packing for a trip. OMG there's nothing worse...well except UNpacking AFTER a trip.


I had every intention of starting my packing tonight and I took out the suitcase from the basement, but alas, I got it upstairs and Threepeat was sound asleep in our bed, so packing was surely going to wake I have deferred packing to tomorrow. I don't leave till Wednesday anyway. ;o)

Boy Oneder won his hockey game tonight 11-10. It was tied up until 17 seconds remained and they scored. BRILLIANT game. He scored two goals.

Anthony, my nephew, was on Much On Demand today. Perez Hilton asked him a bunch of questions about Lady Gaga and he got all but one right! YAY ANTHONY!

Anyway, he won a wristband to the MMVA awards and backstage passes!! WOOT WOOT!

That's it for to bed I go. Pin It


Limey Girl said...

Way to go Anthony!
My son told me this morning about all the press coverage Anthony is getting...he thinks it's all very kewl!
Enjoy your holiday over 'ome!

Kate :-) said...

How about "YAY! I get a vacation!" ???

Lady Gaga is GROSS. Almost as gross as Perez Hilton.

Enjoy your vacation.

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