Saturday, 27 June 2009

Leaving home for home :o(

In an hour, we will be heading off to the bus station, for the beginning of our long journey back to Canada.

As always, the time had flown by much too quickly. I hate leaving England. Each time I leave, a small part of me stays, hoping I'll come back again. Luckily, each time I've thought it would be my last time, it hasn't been...yet. I will hold on to the hope that I will return.

Mike, Jen and Mylie are on their way over for a quick last minute visit and then we'll be off.

Hoping you will all say a little prayer for me on the plane ride...I won't go "there" today. Suffice it to say I feel physically sick thinking about it.

HUGS to all..."see" you when we are home. Pin It

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