Friday, 26 June 2009

The King of Pop

Michael Jackson, the "King of Pop" is dead at the age of 50. I am completely stunned.

I think most people my age feel like they grew up with Michael. He was such a HUGE part of music in the 80' fact he WAS music in the 80's. His face was known around the world. His famous moonwalk was such a sight to see and his concerts were beyond words. He began the video era with his long "Thriller" video, filled with amazing dancing, make up and special effects. He was truly an amazing talent...beyond any other musician I have seen.

Through his crazy plastic surgeries, to buying the Elephant Man's bones, to allegations of child molestation, everyone knows of him in one way or another. There is no doubt that he was a very strange individual, but I have always loved him. I believe he was innocent of all charges against him...I believe he was just a childlike man, who loved children and all that children represented...happy, innocent, imaginative, loving...all the things he wanted to be. My heart breaks for Michael Jackson because I don't think, that even with all his fame and fortune, all his talent and his fans, that he was ever a happy person. The one thing he truly longed for, happiness, was the one thing that truly alluded him.

I hope he is at peace now, living with all the angels in Heaven. I hope he is looking down and seeing how many millions of adoring fans he had. I hope he has found true happiness and acceptance.

Michael Jackson will be forever remembered through his God-given talents.

RIP Michael. Pin It

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