Thursday, 18 June 2009

I'm alive!

Mum and I made it to England, safe and sound. Thank you all so much for your prayers.

The flight was perfect...very uneventful and I actually slept for about three hours! I watched "He's just not that into you" which was kind of a good movie, but a little slow. Heathrow was a nightmare...the lineup for immigration/customs was atrocious. We waited for 45 minutes to get through. We landed at 8:30 am and caught our 10:05 am bus from Heathrow Central Bus Station with no trouble. We arrived at Bristol Bus Station right on time at 12:05 pm and my Godmother, Pauline, picked us up at 12:30. Just as the bus pulled up, I got my period...3 days early. Sweet. GOTTA love that. NOT. Thank goodness I was prepared. UGH.

We headed to Pauline's house to drop off our luggage and then went right back out again to the local farm to pick up some ham, fresh bread, watercress, strawberries and clotted cream, lettuce and tomatoes...don't hate, but it was DELICIOUS.

We then went over to Tesco to pick up some groceries (chocolates, crisps, wine, know...the important stuff). We came home and spent some time chatting in the yard while Pauline's cottage pie cooked in the oven. We had spring greens, runner beans, carrots and gravy with our DIVINE cottage can Pauline cook! For dessert, we wolfed down the most delicious strawberries and cream I've ever tasted. Add a couple of glasses of wine to the mix and Bob's yer uncle! Again, please don't hate.

Mum and Pauline have just left to take the cutest doggy in the world, Pauline's golden lab, Buster, for a walk, so I decided to come and catch you all up on my day. I am absolutely exhausted and am fighting the urge to sleep, as I must get onto England time as soon as I can so that I can enjoy the trip to the fullest. I called and spoke to MIL earlier to let her know we were safe and had a quick word with Threepeat...he asked me if I went on the "aipane" and if I saw a mermaid...that's still his favourite word LOL! I am going to call to speak to the other boys (and Hubster) in about an hour, once they are home from school. It's 7:30 here right now, so 2:30 in Canada.

I hope you are all well...since Gemma's room (where Mum and I are sleeping) has the computer in it, I have a feeling you will be hearing alot more from me.

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