Sunday, 21 June 2009

Family and relaxation!

I am enjoying myself IMMENSELY. Saturday was Granny's 90th birthday, and the day on which my Aunt Helen and Uncle Terry threw her birthday party. We had such fun.

My Aunt Pat and Uncle Ian were there with their daughter, Alice and her new husband, Lee and their schmoopy of a boy, Joshua. I haven't seen Alice since she was about 12, so, seeing her at 25 was a treat. Lee is such a sweet guy and Joshua is nearly edible!

I also saw my other cousins, Melanie and Mike (Uncle Terry and Auntie Helen's kids) and Melanie's boyfriend, Nick. Mike is about to embark on a world trip. He is starting off in Greece on Saturday and then all around Europe with a friend. Then, he takes off for Japan...ALONE. He plans to stay there for a month and then head over to the States and Canada. His trip will last about 10 months. Incredible. And BRAVE! ALL BY HIMSELF!

It was great to be together with all my relatives and I actually got a little sun....yes, it was sunny enough to be a bit sunkissed!

Yesterday was a hang around the house dear friend, Mike came for a visit with his sweet 7 month old daughter, Mylie. I got my baby fix for the day and loved on her the whole time!

Pauline made a mean roast pork was DEEELISH! We hung out reading our books all evening and had a couple of laughs along the way.

Today, we are heading to Exeter for some more shopping. I am looking forward to a specific shop that sells really cool sweaters. I must say, it is a good thing I brought a second suitcase!!!

Good times...REALLY good times.

Here are some photos of my vacay so far: Pin It

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