Sunday, 14 June 2009

Another great weekend has come and gone. Sigh.

Friday night was a home with the fam night. I got my hair did in the afternoon and it looks great.

Marylinda and the kids came over for a bit and Jordanna had fun in the hot tub with my boys while Francesco and Sebastian played with Threepeat's water table.

Later on, Hubster, Boy Oneder and Middleman watched the Stanley Cup Final while Threepeat and I slept.

Saturday was a bit of a lazy day...Hubster and the boys cut the grass while I pottered around.

Saturday night was GNO...what a blast. I really have to get out with my friends more often. Donna, Carla and Margarita were such fun. I got home at 2:00. OMG...TWO O'CLOCK IN THE MORNING PEOPLE! Fantastic, super night...and go figure...I only had two beers. Ha!

Today, we spent the afternoon at Grandma's house with BIL and the girls. Tons o' fun. The kids all went swimming an Mum cooked roast pork...mmmmm!

The boys and I visited with Maria and her kids this evening and now everyone ('cept me of course) is sleeping. I am headed up now too. Pin It

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